Reminded what heat can cause!

It’s been a glorious few days & I was prepared. I stopped to talk to someone in the blazing sun for 10 minuets & BOOM, the cat was out the bag. Dizzy as hell, falling all over the place & so weak, I couldn’t pick my head up. Now when I lay down my world feels like I’m tipped upside down. My left eye is twitching like mad & I’m nauseous. It’s took me a day with cold wet clothes to calm down & even still it’s had an impact. Coughing up thick lumps of infection, just like the flu.

The cool fan is back out the closet & the window shades are going back up. We have to respect the heat & what it does.

Take it easy out there folks & remember. Always be prepared. Dib, dib, dib.

The survival skills are required once more.

Terry you got too hot …I know you have all these things you need to do but you need to be careful. The nausea and weakness is awful . I hope you feel better soon . Michelle and Frazer xx

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Hi Terry Sounds like vertigo caused by the heat, you must try to rest more, the heat makes symptoms so much worse. Hope you feel better soon, take extra fluids in this weather, take care. Pam x

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I stopped to chat to someone Michelle & that’s how easy it is to get in a mess. Once the heat bakes our noodle, it’s a stir fry.

Feeling much better today thanks & got my extra bottles of Dr Witt as a safety metabolism.

It is fantastic weather though & we need the sun, just not too much heat. Happy days

We have to be neighbourly & chat to folks Pam. I totally underestimated how hot it actually was.

I love this weather & so do others. It beats pouring rain & icy winds any day.

It’s time to get the outdoor awning up & create my shady spot. Next comes the mozzies.

It’s ridiculous isn’t it? I love the warm weather, doors and windows are all wide open, garden is blooming and I’m not wearing my vest. But wow, go outside for 20 minutes even in the shade and the dizziness kicks in and fatigue becomes unbearable. But I’m still happy to see the sun shine and sit out on my swing when it’s shaded or in the evenings. And who doesn’t enjoy lying in bed listening to the birds chirping and the lambs blasting. I still love it. Take care and stay hydrated. Cath

Sorry, lambs bleat. Spell checker is clever but changes what you write x

Yeh no one in my family can quite believe someone who was born in the heat of a desert can be affected by heat lol. I was born in Yemen when mum and dad were in forces. I lived in tripoli too, keny, hong kong you name it, and loved the heat.

Now bah humbug. I have bought a special parasol to do on my little area outside my flat as unfortunately the sun hits my flat from 2pm and its cooking. I have a little air conditinioning unit too.

But I get what you say you have only to stand in the sun for a few minutes chatting and blam your toast.

It’s cooled down now & my goose bumps have come out. We can’t win! I even started exercising & as soon as the veins started pulsing, wham! The dizzy spell ruins everything & then we get called lazy for napping. It’s no wonder most of us steer clear of the norms.

By the time you realise, the heat has done its dirty work. Or at least it has collaborated with the beast to knock us down.

It’s all about playing space invaders. Those naughty little alien faces rain down as we fight them off. I could never get past the first level but in the MS stakes I’ve wriggled my way ahead. Last summer was played and won; I’m still here, living independently. Despite the recent cancer nonsense, I’ve kept the head above water. Only a few times have I needed a snorkel. Is life one big metaphor, festooned with similes and euphemisms? Today is the last day of the radiotherapy. As I leave oncology, the hallelujah chorus will be blasting from my phone.

Stay cool dude.

Fanfare of trumpets Steve. Congratulations on reaching this hurdle. X

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