Hip Hip Horay !!!

The sun has got his hat on.

Just had the grass cut & had a good hose down.

Definitely a kayak day. All my Ebay packages have arrived, so I can get out there. In wilds, in the sun, on my Jack Jones.

Stay cool, guys & gals. It’s going to be a hot one. My fan is kicking up a typhoon.

Terry Fried but awesome!

Good on ya’ mate. (Said in my pathetic Aussie accent.)

If I tried kayaking, I’d go round in circles. Steve the whirlpool.

Once my Tramper is charged, I’ll be out tearing up the road at 8mph. Wind in my hair, stomach wobbling and dodging potholes. But at the moment I’m hiding indoors getting insulted by my cleaner.

Stay cool.

The only cleaner I have, is a Hoover. I’m a bit worried I might end up paddling in circles too Steve. The heats been too much. I’ve tried to go out twice & it just forces me back indoors. Either that or feel like I’m on a merry go round. It’s knocked me for six today & my speech has gone a bit slurry. I can’t fault the weather though, it’s a gud hay. I’m sure someone’s putting lead weights in my left shoe.

Yet another scorcher, just going out to do recon, to see if it’s PPMS trouble day again.

As soon as the sun starts baking my noodle, I’m done for & there’s no garden hoses scattered about, for a quick cool down.

Now the MS nurse has retired & I get no help from my Neurologist. I’m pretty much playing, guess what today brings. I’d like to say it’s fun, but I know what it looks like to passers bye. Either assuming I’m drunk or someone with a drug problem. The two types of people, I tend to avoid.

My left side is failing to function at all & the slurred speech is annoying. That alone just adds to the wrongful interpretation.

Damned if we stay in, damned if we go out.

The great outdoors is calling & I must get out there. For sanity & health.

Out of the cool & into the heat I go…

I lasted half an hour, before the battery in my body, was completely drained. Even after a good hose down, when I got home. It just couldn’t fix the problem. That’s not good. Sitting in front of a cool fan, with goose bumps on my goose bumps & my head is all over the shop. It’s still making me chuckle. The voices of you’re being lazy & there’s nothing wrong with you from my GP & close family. It’s no wonder we cut ourselves off. I sat on a wall & said hello to passers bye. Zero feedback. Just trying to get my head in a good place. I think I’ll sit this one out, in the back garden with the cool water spray. I’ve been thinking about the different version of MS & Primary Progressive is pretty bad. I see folks diagnosed 20 years ago with Remitting Relapsing & I seem in a much worse state. The Secondary Progressive phase, seems where I’m at. Yet I can still walk a short distance, before I’m toast. Struggling to lift a glass of water for a drink & no straws, at the moment. I may invest in a paddling pool & just dunk myself in, when I feel like this in the future. I can’t even see anyone, or they’ll prescribe anti depressants or pain killers. Water is the only thing that gives relief. Thank heavens for Severn Trent Water for giving us clean fresh water on tap. I’ve been to places where I wouldn’t touch water from a tap & that can’t be good. Okay the ramble is over. I’ve hit the end zone…

Hi Terry

Normally the intense heat makes me all weak and wobbly, but this time as well as the washed out feeling I am experiencing lots of pain, which is what I usually find in the extreme cold, so my ppms is all over the place at the moment.

Please please let it cool down. My sister has been living in Australia for over 40 years loves the heat, but not me.

Pam x

After a bit of a nap & a few pints of cold water, I’m coming back to reality. I ignore the pain. It feels like a hive of bees lives inside & occasionally I get a few stinging jolts & cramps. Just to force me to pay attention. It makes me feel like visiting the people I know, who claim to have PPMS, purely to get PiP & financial aid. They make a mockery of a system designed to help folks with genuine problems.

Trying to get me to work for them, for free, while they sit getting stoned. Yet another thing they abuse, which has a genuine use. Fake ass scroungers. Stalking & trolling anyone, for their gain. GRRR!!!

Yep, calm down Terry. You’ll never get through. You can keep knocking, but there’s nobody in. The truest definition of shame. Either no morals or too dim to care. Yet in positions of care & getting paid.

I really need to calm down. More sleep required & to avoid idiots when I wake.

Forgiving is easy, it’s the forgetting that’s the tough part.

the heat is to much for me spend all day very tired I can no longer walk body like a rag doll no use in my right arm but the sun cheers you up a bit keep smiling

Agreed speedy. The evening is the best time to catch a bit of sunshine.

I just watered my neighbours flowers. He’s been taken into care. I’ll miss the old git. Dementia got him.

Things wouldn’t be so bad, if I was around better folks.

The locals put me on edge. There seems an epidemic of bull manure.

Enjoying my Coffee with Baking Soda, after a few cloves of garlic & a nap on my outdoor bed. I’ll miss this lovely weather when it goes. Thankfully there’s other things to do, now I’ve ditched the dead beats. There’s nothing worse than a bunch of cling ons, when we’re having a rough time already. Have fun out there folks & steer well clear of scroungers. Terry is off to the charity shop.

Hi Terry,

Good to see you’re still having your Coffee and Baking Soda with some Garlic Cloves to follow as it’s doing wonders for you :wink:

Yes, I think we’ll all miss the lovely weather that we’ve been having but just not the heat or humidity which has been awful for lots of us.

Glad that you’ve managed to ditch those dead beats (cling ons) that you talk about and as you say you’re having a rough time of things already without them adding to it.

Hope you had a good mooch round the Charity shop and even got yourself some bargains.

Take Care.

Twinkle Toes x

The heat & humidity has been hell, but my preparation has been flawless. I can’t walk around with my hose pipe & bare feet in town. Not in this country anyway. To much broken glass about.

Trawling around the charity shops has been awesome. I’ve snagged some great bargains & given lots of stuff away, as gifts.

Trying to improve things, has been far better than sitting about, knowing there’s no coming back. It just speeds up the deterioration process & if we give up on ourselves, we’re doomed.

Use it, or lose it. Spend it, or they’ll steal it. Staying positive & avoiding the idiots is a must.


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