Heat how's everyone coping

The weather is very hot , beautiful but much too hot for me , it makes me feel tired and cranky. Frazer is tired too, he promised to never complain about the rain again. I feel so sorry for him with his big fluffy coat, we take a big bottle of water everywhere we go . I took him to my church today and he lay on his blanket with a huge bowl of water. Usually all of the children come up and he shows them how he can pick up dropped items and has a big fuss from them all , today we didn’t stay long he was picking up his blanket and telling me he wanted to go. Michelle and Frazer xx

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Hi Michelle & Frazer, It has been lovely all this sunshine but way too hot for me too. I’ve felt so fatigued and some of my MS symptoms have flared up and I’ve been feeling really quite out of sorts with it. I wanted to climb out of my own body the other day as it was just too much :-/ Aww, bless Frazer, I feel really sorry for our furry friends when it’s like this but that’s good that you’re taking a big bottle of water with you for him and I bet that he drank plenty of it too. Take Care Twinkle Toes x


Awww poor old Frazer, him telling you he’s had enough,love him.Its been too hot for me i love the sunshine and the summer but this year has been far too humid and its the humidity that a lot of us find hard.I can’t function in it i am exhausted all the time,and this year it stays hot and humid through the night too so thats even worse for us.I bought 2 air con units and they help a lot,but they are really noisy,its supposed to cool right down soon hopefully it will.I love a nice sunny day about 21 degrees,and no humidity suits me fine.

J x

The hose down has become the norm for me. Since last year I learned something had to be done. We can’t stay indoors when it’s like this. Some folks pay to escape to this kind of weather. I imagine Frazer would love a hose down Michelle. Terry

I am struggling with the heat boohoo. No energy at all, but hey ho we all plod on xx

I’m finding the humidity is more of a problem than the actual heat.

I feel like a dripping wet floppy lettuce!

Take care everyone

Nina x


You’ve reminded me to throw my soggy wet lettuce in the bin Nina. It doesn’t look healthy & it’s smelling a bit off.

Be a shame to ruin an awesome ham sandwich with it.

Yep the humidity is a major problem for me too. I love my showers, but they send me into drunken mode. I’m the same in a steam room. Hence why I find a cold jet wash does the trick. Drying with a cool fan, to see the goose bumps.

Hi Michelle, sweltering here in London! Dickie is flat-out on the vinyl floor. Tempted to join him! Hope you’re doing well. I’m busy looking after my adopted brother and with church, but taking a day off. So much better but still have to watch my energy. Lots of love to all and keep cool, Pat xxx

It’s baking in Crowborough too.

I don’t want to chance the scooter after the effects of concussion.

See how I feel later.

Steve x woof

My brains in such a fog i have answered your post twice Michelle lol. I keep doing stupid things too, we had a salesman here this morning as we are getting new doors,as he was leaving and turning his laptop off i thought he was putting his hand out to shake mine I felt so stupid when i shook his hand and realized he was trying to turn his laptop off,he must have thought silly woman lol.

J x

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You make me laugh Jackie , I would have probably done the same . I felt daft the other day I was balancing against a wall when one of the workman came around the corner. I was startled and fell on the floor , I bet he thought I was drunk. I think the heat is so intense I want to jump our of my body. I’m not managing to do much at all. My sister comes to stay again tomorrow. Michelle and Frazer xx


I think its too hot Steve , we arnt used to this weather its good for the workmen putting my dormers in . Im glad its good weather because we have half the roof missing. Michelle and Frazer xx

It’s lovely to hear from you Pat I’m so please for you it’s made a difference to you having your brother to look after. I hope that you and Dickie are keeping well I’m not supprised that he is laid flat out on your floor . Frazer tried to get under the table it’s cool there and there’s crumbs to eat. Michelle and Frazer xx

I am thinking of a one way ticket to iceland lol. UGH, i hate this weather, the humidty isnt so bad at the moment but a few weeks ago it was hitting over 85RH which is way too high.

I just get up early now, do what has to be done, including taking the doglet Lucy for her walk whilst the heat is off the land and then we just chill out. I even bought a sunshade for my mobility scooter off ebay its fab so i dont get direct sun on me even when its low in the sky early.

Its mad really as I was born in one of the hotter countries and lived abroad most of my life until i was over 30, and now i just hate the heat.

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Hi CC,

All this sunshine has been lovely and made a change for our country but it’s just the heat/humidity that’s the problem, way way too hot/high for me, you & many others - totally exhausted today so a one way ticket to Iceland sounds like a great idea :slight_smile:

Like you I’ve been trying to do things first thing whilst it’s still a bit cooler and chilling later on but if I need to go out then it’s a case of doing nothing else but get ready as that takes so long these days, wish I could be like that Shampoo advert - ‘wash & go’ lol

Twinkle Toes xx

I’m rubbish in this heat. However, last week was cooler and we had a lovely holiday in Cornwall with my family. Sonia x

Today i feel worn out my legs feel very weak and heavy. I feel as if I’ve run a marathon. I’m tired of the heat . I know we shouldn’t complain but I long for a cool breeze and a few rain clouds. Frazer is exhausted too. Michelle and Frazer xx

new to this new to secondary ms just copping just been diagnosed been to doctors got a sick note but dont know what to do now.have been a self employed plasterer for the last 30 years but had to give up 7 weeks since . saw a ms specialist last week for diagnosis (second opinion) so went to doctors for a sick note now what ??? any advise much apreciated thank you simon

same here Michelle,the heat is making me feel awful and i have air con too which does help,but i still feel exhausted and weak.Just seen on MSN that the heatwave is coming to an end with a storm,thank goodness.I like nice,sunny weather like everyone does but this heatwave is not good for most people.

My advice Simon is go to the Citizens Advice & claim PiP + EESA from when you lost employment. The sooner you get on the radar, the sooner things will get sorted financially. Being diagnosed with Secondary Progressive MS from the start, is a lot to be dealing with. It just goes to show how people battle on through problems. Best to get things in order ASAP & try get some support from a support worker. It’s their job to help people like you & you will need it. You can get their numbers from the Citizens Advice. Take a fan & a bottle of water. The heat will make things much worse, so stay cool & calm.

All the best of luck Simon. Call the MS helpline & explain your situation. You’ll get help if you enquire.