Too hot

I’m really suffering with the heat and so is Frazer . I hope it cools down again soon . I wish we had the rain back again . Michelle and Frazer xx

Same here Michelle, this is dreadful. Take care and take on lots of drinks. Pam x

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I have mixed emotions about the heat. Like with you, it’s draining me, but it’s so nice not to be bundled up in layers of clothing. It’s also lovely seeing my plants in full flower and everywhere you go people seem to be smiling and more cheerful.

We had a thunderstorm last night and I love them, reminds me of South Africa where they were spectacular. It would be nice to have rain every night, saves me struggling to water all my plants. But yes, fatigue is hitting hard and the fact that I’m going through ‘the change’ makes it somewhat uncomfortable.

Rest and remain hydrated seems to be the order of the day, though I have to go out and pick Mum up from hospital following her surgery isn’t going to be comfortable as I have to use her car and it doesn’t have air con like mine. But it’s Mum and I’d walk over hot coals for her if I had to.

Take care

Cath x


Fitting that outside hose was one of my best choices. Sitting on the crash mat & spraying cold water on my legs & head has been awesome. Venturing outdoors has been a nightmare. I head straight for the cool spray ASAP & it feels like heaven.

Stay cool folks & try to enjoy some free vitamin D. It will rain soon enough.

The swivel fan & closed blinds has proven good for keeping the indoors cool.

My left side is useless these days, but keep doing what’s right & everything will be okay.

Yes, the fan and curtains do a good job. There are a few little spots in the communal gardens as well. I’m doing lots of iced water and the occasional cold beer. x woof.

I fancy a cold beer now you mention it Steve. I have Ginger Beer in the fridge.

Stay cool folks. This hot weather is not good for MS & many other health problems.

I took Frazer out early in the day , I had to go to the post office. I’m so exhausted by this heat its awful, I love sunshine but this is too much I hope we get another storm . Frazer is trying to cool down on the tiled floor I feel sorry for him with his big furry coat on. Michelle and Frazer xx

This week has been just awful. I have been waking up gasping for breath, this heat and humidity has turned my legs to jelly and have just generally felt totally rotten. Drinking pint after pint of water, and guess who forgot to reorder some of her meds, and as such has had to get up every few hours for a loo break. My own stupid fault I know, but it happens, and am totally banjaxed from lack of sleep. I for one will be most happy when the heat breaks which I’m told is likely to drop a little tomorrow. Sorry all you sun lovers amongst us, but I for vote that winter comes back now lol

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Most folks with health problems, aren’t fond of heat. It’s raining & cool now, so we can all breath again. Take care out there.

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blissful, isn’t it x

Frazer and I went out armed with big umbrella today, Frazer doesn’t usually like the rain but today he didn’t mind. We do our voluntary work in the park on Saturday mornings. Usually I’m glad of the sunshine but today I was so happy it was raining…at least we wouldn’t get sunstroke! We’ve both dried off now and Frazers fur has gone all curly, he looks like a Tatty teddy. Michelle and Frazer xx


I send sympathies to you all suffering from the heat.

Living in the North East of Scotland it hasn’t gone much over 20 and very pleasant for which I am very grateful.

My daughter lives in Cambridgeshire and have been having regular updates about how unbearable it is.

Beleive me it’s not often I am content with the weather up here.

Mags xx

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