Hosing down legs.

It’s been grand weather, so I fitted an outside tap & got a garden hose.

Sitting in the sun, hosing legs with ice cold water, feels like heaven.

Very good for poor circulation & cooling down. Invigorating!

Anyone complaining of heat, gets an ice cold mist soaking.


Hi Terry, That sounds like a fab idea well done you but alas I’m going to have to have get a cold mist soaking as the heat is too much for me :frowning: I’m stuck inside on the sofa feeling drained with lots of pain and nausea and the only thing I can do to enjoy the sunshine is look outside my window and see my sun soaked garden. Hope you and everybody else has a lovely day :slight_smile: Twinkle Toes x P.S. Don’t forget to keep topped up with your intake of fluids and put some Suncream on too.

I sat in my sons garden yesterday with my feet in the children’s paddling pool, bliss.

So this afternoon I’ve been in my garden for an hour with my feet in a washing up bowl full of cold water. Thankfully I’m not overlooked :-))

Stay cool everyone

Jan x

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Hydrating is the important thing in this weather. I’m drinking more water than ever & shoveling in the garlic cloves. Stay cool TT & try to get outdoors. Looking through the window at a garden, must be torment. I’ve been in that frame of mind. It made me a lot sicker. Soon as it gets too hot, the hose comes to the rescue. It costs less than a night out in the pub, to get fitted & it creates far better memories. Terry is soaked yet again.

Sod what the overlookers think Jan. The paddling pool is an awesome idea. I might have to get one myself now.

Getting that free vitamin D is as important as getting away from the small minded trolls who watch others & whine.


Afternoon Terry,

Yes, you’re right, keeping hydrated in this weather is very important and like you I’ve been drinking plenty of fluids water or juice mainly.

I’ve been trying to stay cool and thankfully today it’s not as hot as it was yesterday. I found it really hard yesterday and I struggled, it was just too much for me and I ended up on the sofa most of the day in & out of sleep.

I didn’t mind only being able to see my garden through the window as it was just way too hot for me to go out and sit in it (my garden gets fulll sun all day). I understand what you mean about it being torment and I’m sorry it made you feel worse but for me I didn’t look at it that way as I’ve come to accept that I can’t sit out there in this weather.

Sounds like you’ve got it sorted though with your hose but maybe you could invest in a paddling pool to go with it (as was mentioned by Janhhh previously). As for it costing less than a night out at the Pub I can’t possibly comment on that one as that was a long, long time ago lol

Keep cool

Twinkle Toes x

Hi Jan,

What a great idea using your Sons children’s paddling pool, I bet it was bliss too :slight_smile:

Mind you, that’s an even better idea you using a washing-up bowl full of cold water at home, probably a way cheaper option too - just remember to wash it out later lol

Btw nevermind what anybody else would say you have to do what’s best for you.

Keep cool

Twinkle Toes x

I don’t really care what others think :wink:

I still travel abroad for holidays, ten minutes sunbathing then an hour in the pool to cool off, it’s the only way to survive a hot climate. I do like my holidays, though I must admit it’s getting harder to find the energy.

Don’t forget the sun cream folks.

Jan x

Terry I’ve got a paddling pool for the babies when they come to play . I might just go in it myself that’s an excellent idea. Jan …don’t ever stop having the adventures i love the fact that you go away abroad . Id really love to go abroad it’s harder because of Molly having Autism, but maybe one day . We did go to Barcelona about 9 years ago for our 25th wedding anniversary, that was when I was still walking. Michelle and Frazer xx

Hi there Michelle. When you feel more stable, anything is possible. Getting abroad isn’t everything. There’s hours of waiting in airports & being eaten alive by their native insects. There’s some good places in the UK like Centre Parks & water retreats in the countryside. Just a coach ride away. Molly would love it too & they might accept dogs. Take it easy out there. It’s been another good day. I’ve been jamming on my synthesizers, getting jiggy. Terry

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Yesterday i thought i was about to die, I felt that bad,I have never felt as ill with the heat as i did yesterday.I used to love going abroad when able and was ok as long as it wasnt humid.I still love the sun and make the most of it when i can but i hope the humid weather stays away.I have air conditioning too but even in that i felt ill.

Terry you’re making me cringe. Such is the diversity of the beast I cannot bear anything cold on my legs but when it’s too hot I sit in the shower and gradually go to cold.

I don’t think I could cope with cold directly on my legs.

I really admire you for your emphatic dietary declarations because without dairy I’m turning some corners.

Stay cool dude.

Thanks Terry , you are right there s loads of lovely places in the UK. We are going to centre parcs this year . Molly is so excited she loves it there and it’s perfect for a wheelchair. Frazer comes everywhere with me I’m lucky because he s an assistance dog they can’t refuse him . He’s allowed in shops restaurants and of course on holiday with me . They would be breaking the law if the refused him. I love all your good ideas Terry I always think of you when I smell garlic . Take care and keep making all of your fantastic concoctions. Michelle and Frazer xx

I’ve cut down on dairy too Steve. I enjoy the odd coffee with cream & a spoon of baking soda. Not to forget mature cheese oatcakes & occassional pizza. The icy cold garden hose is definately awesome at stopping the dizzy & coordination problems, when it gets too hot. The cool fan goes without saying. It’s very effective. Getting outdoors in the sun, is what we all need & keeping very well hydrated. Definately getting positive results with something I’m doing. Appart from the broken ribs. Stay cool Steve & maybe one day we can hook up for a jam, with some sound exploration. Having creative ventures, keeps our sanity, in this world of blamers. Terry

Have you any comments about you circulation machine im thinking of buying one ,i understand that you have one.joxx

Hi there Jo. The Circulation booster is awesome. 1/2 an hour every morning on setting 50 & I feel like I’ve been for a good walk. Some days I do an hour. I have a seat right next to it, where I alternate. Standing a while & then sitting. Depending on how weak my legs are. I brought mine for £50 second hand from Ebay & it was a very good investment. Keep drinking plenty of water & things will work out fantastic. Terry

Thanks Terry ive been thinking of buying one for ages its expensive but worth every penny if it works.Im in a wheelchair now so any help to get the blood pumping and the swelling in my feet down is good. Ive just been to an exercise class so im shattered i will be resting this afternoon.You take care and thanks again .joxx

Try soaking your feet in some Apple Cider Vinegar & Baking Soda. It draws out any toxins in the body & helps circulation. There’s some videos on Youtube how much is pulls out after half an hour. It’s unbelievable, but it actually works. I’ve run out of garlic, so need to buy some more. Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis is a pain, but I think it can be beaten. From being unable to move my legs & a cabbage, with very poor coordination. I’m improving leaps & bounds. So much so that others with different forms of MS don’t believe I actually have MS. I refuse to take advice from the so called experts now. Gone are the days of shovelling in so called advized medication & more getting out into the fresh air. Making the limbs work & getting the blood pumping. It helps the body recover. All the nutrients are carried by our blood & the body needs servicing, just like cars do. Get the machine functioning how you know it can. Terry

Another hose down day. I’ll get addicted to this sun, if it carries on. Terry’s getting free Vitamin D.

I’m now hosing down my new bed. A 6ft x 4ft x 10" deep crash mat. I can now dive in bed & chuck it in the back of a van, when I get one. Very easily cleaned too. This sunny weather is bringing out some good ideas & a new zest for life. All since being told I’ll be in a wheelchair for the rest of my life. Use it or lose it folks. Off to sun bathe on my new multi functional bed. It’s another corker & it fits perfect everywhere. I can even smother myself in oil.