Improving Muscle & Nerve issues.

Bathing in Epsom Salts, Baking Soda, Apple Cider Vinegar, Lemon & Honey.

Drawing out the Toxins in our bodies & improving health. Common sense with natural ways.

Pull the crap out, put the good stuff in & the overall results will improve. With exercise & well being. It gets better.

There is no cure for MS, so the experts say. Best to improve the odds!



If you have the time, try listening to the following series called ‘The Second Genome’. It explores links between good gut health and physical/mental wellbeing amongst other things.

Like you, I control as closely as I can what I eat and drink to maintain good gut health. I was startled by some of the issues raised in the series.


Cheers Alun. I will investigate the link. Looks a good program & I agree, there’s loads of similar conditions & causes. I’m surrounded by people with various illnesses, who canstantly stalk me. Since getting diagnosed with PPMS they have made my life a misery & blamed the problem on everything under the sun. Usually to swindle money. With no interest in the problem at all. Everything being totally financial. Since my diagnosis, that’s been the main problem I’m dealing with. It’s made me detest people & their scrounging ways. As the Multiple Sclerosis has progressed, they just become worse vultures. Blaming this & that to cause me distraction. What I’ve been doing, is having positive effects. From being paralised on a sofa for years & surviving. Sleeping in excrement & being very ill. I’m now getting out & about, doing useful things. Mingling with others & doing stuff. With far better coordination. Our body helps, if we help it & supply the materials needed. You wouldn’t believe how many so called friends have claimed to have PPMS since my diagnosis. All to get out of work & get PiP. Or get classed as disabled so they can apply for a blue badge. That alone is what makes me sick. Take it easy Alun & good luck with anything that’s going on. I will enjoy the program, thanks. Terry

I prefer Treacle moon Coconut bubbles .but not in the bath just a shower . Do you come out smelling of cider vinegar? Honeys not so bad . You always amaze me Terry . I think it’s marvellous how you’ve got better. It’s a real credit to you. Michelle and Frazer xx

I’m far from better Michelle, but improvement is helping me to keep active. Use it ot lose it! Doing anything & everything to get healthier, instead of going down hill quick on medication. If I’d of listened to the so called experts any longer, I’d be dead by now. From 9st to 11.6st & from a vegetable to someone with a very productive, busy life. Terry, just cooked & ate fantastic food. We just have to help ourselves, or we’re doomed.

Got a big jar of roasted garlic cloves in honey, with baking soda, apple cider vinegar, lemon, lime & mixed herbs to snack on. I brought the mixture to a boil in water & let it cool. It’s been working a treat. Drinking pints of water & lightly exercising in this heat. Terry

That sounds refreshing Terry , I prefer the callipo ice lollies . I like the lemon and lime best . Probably not as good for you . I’m sat listenig to "the wheels on the bus " and “row your boat” with Naomi and Laura my twins granddaughters. I’m just trying to stay cool. Michelle and Frazer xx

Hi Michelle & Frazer,

Aww, that sounds like you’re having a lovely time with your Granddaughters with ice lollies all round and at least they’ll be helping you keep cool.

Ok, they might not be good for you but it’s not a regular thing so enjoy them :slight_smile:

Twinkle Toes x

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Hi Terry,

I read your posts with interest and intrigue and I just wanted to ask you how you actually come up with all these ideas and then mix the ingredients together and you either eat, drink, wash or bath with them, wow.

Twinkle Toes x

Hi there TT. I’ve been inspired by the old tales on healing. Watching loads of videos on Youtube, of people sharing remedies. Not usually aimed at MS, but health in general. Videos about how awesome the human body is, if we look after it more. I use myself as a guinnie pig, with things of no harm. The medication route didn’t work for me. After speaking to others with MS & my own problems. I research & trial things & try to share what I’m learning with others. Some folks are set in their ways. It’s good to keep thinking outside the box & use it or lose it. Sticking onions in shoes & salt baths. It would be great if everyone shared their experiences, so we could all improve. Take care out there. Terry

Hi Terry,

Oh right ok, so you basically watch videos on remedies (old & new) and show an interest in the old tales of healing and along with following them you also mix them up a bit with your own ingredients. That’s great, and you being able to research things and trial them too as I guess that’s the best way and as you say you’re your own Guinnie Pig so you’ll know whether it’s doing anything or not.

It’s good that you’re sharing things with all of us on here but I will admit I haven’t tried any of your tips yet but never say never as I might just see something that I could/would use.

I myself try to get by without taking much medication as I have had adverse effects to some previously and that has put me off but I’m always trying to be persuaded that I should take this, that or the other but for now I’m just trying to get through things the best I can but I know that at some point I will have to take more.

I can also relate to you saying use it or lose it but sometimes that’s easier said than done :frowning:

Be happy

Twinkle Toes x

Hi there TT. There’s a reason for my distrust. Some local scroungers stole £11,000 off me & the only advice I got, was take some anti depressants. Along with the cocktail of medications I was taking allready. The scum bags got away with their crime, but I’ve got a good idea who they are. It has been, since they miss diagnosed me, many years ago. All they’ve done is cover up their scrounging since. Making claims I’ve got mental problems. I refuse any medications offered now. What the chemist was dishing out, was causing me serious problems. An honest person is far better than relying on a dishonest one. No matter what qualifications & contacts they have. Trusting myself & doing things I personally research, is a far better option. I should really put a claim in for medical negligence, but judging by the medical reports they’ve faked, I wouldn’t stand a chance in court. Folks seem interested in one thing. It’s their payment skeme. After spending a couple of years, sorting out my finances, I can now focus on the health issues. That is what anyone with a health problem should be doing. Terry is alive & progressing in his own way. Keeping it real.

Hi Terry,

Omg, that’s awful and I can totally understand why you’re feeling like you are but please don’t let them continue to make you feel like this and always remember that the truth always comes out in the end.

I think that its always supposed to be the answer to everything - just take more medication (like that will solve everything - not) but the trouble is that some of us end up doing so because we don’t know anything different and we put our trust in the so called experts and I know that they will help some people but not all.

Was you misdiagnosed about your MS? (Oops sorry I’m being nosey). I am surprised that you didn’t sue them Terry and make a stand as it doesn’t always come down to money (well for the honest people that is) it comes down to somebody acknowledging that they made a mistake but as I said previously the truth always comes out in the end.

It sounds very much like you’re getting yourself together and doing it a way that’s working for you, so we’ll done you.

Big hugs to you

Twinkle Toes x

Years of falling over & too weak to stand. The amount of medications the GP’s got me trying was all wrong. I had every condition they could think up. I won’t even go to any GP ever again. I was learning things these folks hadn’t even heard of. Interactions of Baclofen & Ibuprofen is like a suicidal cocktail. For the money these people earn, they should know about interactions of medications. All I’ve kept hearing is peoples whining about money. I was rushed into hospital for an MRi & diagnosed with PPMS from nowhere. I was then told I’d had it for 10 years or more, judging by the damage caused & all the medications they were dishing out. These so called experts could of killed me. 4 years later, the neurologists & GP’s are all still covering their behinds. All I get is MS is difficult to diagnose. One MRi says differently. I’ve had 4 now & it’s not looking good. So I’ve taken control of my own well being. It’s working out great. Terry woke up after a failed suicide & a chest full of stitches. No thanks to medications from here on.

Hi Terry,

Omg, you certainly have been through it and I can totally understand why you’re being like you are and having no trust in the medical proffessions now and I don’t blame you as that’s just awful but of course everybody is entitled to their own opinion about these things.

Some medical professionals are just interested in the money/finances side of things but fortunately not all of them are and it’s just a case of finding the right one to help you, and suit you but this can be sometimes like looking for a needle in a haystack - so to speak.

I do think there is something about medicines/medication interacting with each other and I don’t think there’s being enough done to investigate/trial this but I suppose that would come down to time and money.

Oh, so you’ve got PPMS too, I’m sorry that it’s not looking good for you (is it for any of us) I was diagnosed with it in 2015 but it looks like I’ve actually had it for a number of years prior to that which explains a lot of things but well done you for taking charge of your own well being, it certainly sounds like you’re doing the right thing for yourself and I hope that it stays that way for you too :-):slight_smile:

Twinkle Toes x

We all need to look after ourselves more & stop believing everything the know it alls suggest. We’re all different & cope very differently. After a good cool down, with my hose, I’ve tried walking in this heat, without my sticks. BIG mistake! It’s no wonder people think folks with MS are drunks. I fell a few times & the ground is scorching. My head is spinning like a merry go round. Thank heavens for the cool soak. Since my diagnosis, a lot of my so called close friends & people I know, have claimed they have PPMS. It’s been mainly to get out of work & claim PiP. Bragging of all the things they can do, which is what’s spurned me on to do stuff. I could be in a coffin & still do more than those idiots. People who should know better, but obviously don’t. Try the hose TT & get a paddling pool. Enjoy this awesome weather & interact with decent folk. PPMS is like becoming a magnet for scum bags, whining about money, politics & anything else on their minds. The blame squad! Terry

Hi Terry,

Yes, we all need to look after ourselves but sometimes that’s easier said than done but as you said we’re all different and cope with things differently.

I know that you had a good cool down with your hose but trying to walk in this heat without your walking sticks was not a good idea which unfortunately you found out and I’m not surprised your head was spinning. I hope you’re ok now and that you didn’t hurt yourself?

Since my diagnosis my friends have acted quite differently to yours - a number of mine dropped me as I’ve become a hindrance, oh well.

Well I won’t be needing a hose or a paddling pool now as it’s raining, and thankfully for me the temperature has dropped. I’ve been totally exhausted by the past few days and I’ve not been able to get out but hopefully I might be able to manage something tomorrow :slight_smile:

Twinkle Toes x

The heavens hose has given us all a soaking. It knows. Sun is awesome but it plays havoc with MS. There’s definately a problem with MS & body temperature. Now it’s cooled, I can get cooking the 5 large bulbs of garlic. My kitchen has become a lab for experimenting. Got a few mist spray bottles today, for my cleanse line. So many things on the go, I feel truely alive again. I must buy more honey! Terry tries

Looks like another ice lolly day Michelle. Loving this weather. It causes problems, but it also helps them too. A bit of the good stuff is required from time to time. Make the most of life & get productive folks. Terry

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Hi there folks. Dunking my feet in Apple Cider Vinegar, baking soda & honey. Eating Garlic & drinking water is going down a storm. My swollen purple left foot, that was difficult to move. Is looking quite similar to my right now.

I’ve started massaging Hemp oil into my legs & having a morning coffee with a tea spoon of baking soda added.

After a swig of Apple Cider Vinegar, Lime & Lemon. Things seem to be working.

Just taken my B6 & B12 before a Banana.

Stay healthy out there.