Diet & exercise with zero medication.

Greetings folks.

I’m just sharing what I’ve personally been doing, to combat PPMS.

  1. Pints of water with Iodine
  2. Apple Cider Vinegar with Kelp & Lecithin
  3. Spirulina
  4. Garlic in many forms
  5. Baking Soda in coffee
  6. All the B vitamins
  7. Eating steamed veg with fish
  8. Frequent escapes into nature
  9. Playing puzzle games & drawing
  10. Making music

The exercises involve diving on a crash mat & scooting about on my push scooter. Kayaking & doing lots of DIY in the workshop. Keeping cool & knowing when it’s time to rest. Spraying my limbs with a garden hose. Mixing in the local community to keep in touch with what’s going on.

Stay safe & happy out there. Use it or lose it.

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I have RRMS and am currently on my first dose oc DMD ( Ocrevus ) had 2 attacks in one year

6 half marathons last year , 3 this year ( one with double vision - raised 1,085 for Mac Millian Cancer support )) and 10k today

Hopefully this will continue - I consider myself very lucky indeed, but you never know

Eyes are still crap and the on off Lhermitte’s sign

I intend to run as long as possible for the way it makes me feel afterwards

Thanks for listening !

I could list my ideal diet and regime but I have been known to lapse in the direction of white bread (homemade), bacon and sausages. MS medication is eschewed in favour of avoiding too much dairy and starch-apart from bread lapses. I love seeds and nuts which go into everything but can get a little carried away with my real downfall. Malt whisky! I focus on little things to help me transfer from chairs to beds. I may have lost a lot but I haven’t lost it!

Keep going chaps.

Good on you Steve. Us PPMS sufferers wont be doing any marathons. The signals are way too congested. Improving the diet & doing things to stop us from seizing up, is paramount. A bacon butty, once in a while. Is my kind of pick me up.