Diets with ppms

Looking at the best diet and can it help reduce symptoms read in everyday living it doesn’t so I am asking here instead if so does keto help or paleo and do you take medication also as my meds don’t seem to be working anymore since my op.


Marie xx

Hi there Marie. My eating since being diagnosed 5 years ago has been varied. I go from stews, soups & fishy things. All in all, it’s very varied & fresh. Munching on Walnuts, making omelettes packed with mushrooms, mature cheese & Spinach. My favourite is simply bunches of red grapes. Smoked Basa with steamed veg is a close one though. Red Salmon on a bed of full grain rice. Eat all the healthy stuff & stay stress free in the chaos. Take care out there.

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Hello Marie.

I too am careful about what I eat.

I may not work for you but be prepared to try things. Cutting right down on dairy has helped me with fatigue. I also avoid rice and too much bread. I try to get fresh vegetables in me every day.

The quick fixes of seeds, nuts and fruit are worth trying too.

Best wishes.

I was diagnosed in October 2017 and went dairy, gluten and soya free in January 2018. I have looked at the Best Bet and also the Wahls diet and sort of combine them eating healthily with oily fish, white fish, chicken and lots of fruit and veg. The fatigue which had dogged me until I started the diet has gone and I have much more energy. I don’t take, and haven’t ever taken any meds. When I talked to my GP she said to go for it as I might well regret it later if I didn’t. I was told it might slow progression and that’s what I’m hoping. I do know someone who follows the Best Bet - 19 years ago he was in a wheelchair and suffering optic neuritis. Last year he ran the London marathon in just over 6 hours! He has RRMS but hasn’t taken any meds.

Best of luck with whatever you decide to do.


They have replapses ours never goes that’s why I wanted to hear from ppms cause we just get worse my legs giving way cause my leg to have plate and screws a year ago and I still can’t stand up, so do the diets help spasticity at all I want out of my chair I was 34 when I got it and just gone from worse to worse not had it 5 years yet.

I’ve been using Lugols 15% Iodine for over a year now. 5 drops in a pint of water, 4x a day. I put drops in stews & soups too. Iodine is needed by the body. Fresh air & doing as much as you can, to keep the beast at bay. Avoiding stress & eating the right amount of goodies. Carrying extra baggage isn’t helpful.

My mum don’t understand ms and just calls me lazy, like I can do much in a wheelchair can’t even stand up she stresses me out. I tried cod oil but did nothing for me bacon fen does nothing either.

They seem to like calling folks with PPMS lazy.

Steam some veg, drink plenty of water & keep exercising what you can. Use it or lose it.

I avoid Baclofen too. Once your nervous system has been overrun. Start the eviction process. Your system needs rebooting & flushed out, to give your immune system a chance of figuring out, what’s good & bad. The stress just invites more issues.

Get outside in the fresh air & sun. Breath deep & chill out. Avoid the clueless know it alls.

Yeah if she could have it for a day and see what we have to go through all the time, is dairy really bad for us, I am having lots of water and veg started keto diet see if that helps.

Lots of people, even those without ms, think dairy is not very good for us. If you do cut out dairy remember to supplement your calcium. Don’t expect instant results from your diet, the gut and the body take time to get used too a new regime.

Best of luck and keep positive.

I can’t cope anymore constipated stuck in this chair constipated and wish I wasn’t here 5 years and just got worse crying all time my mum don’t get it I’m all alone in this listening to her got me in this chair in the first place I’ve got no one only my daughter she’s a child she understands more then my mum.

Chin up Marie. I have PPMS & live alone. It sucks, but just stick at it.

Try Iodine. I’ve been using it for a long time now. Lugols Iodine at 15% strength from Ebay. 5 drops in a pint of water, in as many pints of water, as you can drink in a day. It clears internal infections & good for your immune system.

I’m drinking Dr Witt at the moment. It’s a fruit drink from Tesco. It contains Pantothenic Acid, Folic Acid, Green Tea, Vitamins B12, B6, E, C, Niacin, Biotin, Zinc & tastes awesome.

I’ve been to my local MS group today & had a leg massage. Mix, mingle & persist. Message me if you need any support.