Diet help

could I get some help about diets I have been to see my ms nurse she told me to come on here and meet people I am having trouble with my diet and would like if anyone can give me some tips on what to eat

I think the best thing is to just eat a balanced diet.I dont eat red meat at all as i don t like it so thats easy for me.I also eat lots of fruit and veg too the only thing i have to watch is my sugar intake i have a very sweeet tooth and i am borderline diabetic too.I have just joined slimming world online last month and i have lost 10lbs so i am pleased with it.But if you dont need to loose weight just eat healthily.

I follow something similar to the OMS Diet, but that’s more by accident than anything else and just happen to prefer fresh food. It’s not going to cure MS, but likely to improve general health and can make you feel better. I guess it depends on why you are looking to change how you eat.

Take look and see what you make of it.

A couple of years ago, I decided to seriously reduce my dairy and gluten intake.

It made enough difference for me to notice an improvement in well-being. Like many of us, I try to keep a balanced diet.

Sweet treats are for outside the home as I daren’t buy them.

Best wishes.

I actually cut gluten and dairy right out of my diet and within not very long began to feel so much better - fatigue largely a thing of the past and a big improvement in walking although that was helped by my wonderful physio.

I agree with the advice you’ve been given, a normal healthy diet is the way to go, getting all your food groups covered. When you start researching you find conflicting advice though. I had to cut gluten out because I was diagnosed with Coeliac disease. I wasn’t tested because I had MS, but because I was very anaemic. I’d had no usual symptoms of Coeliac you read though, for example bloating, weight loss, constipation etc but I get a range of symptoms now if I mistakenly mess my diet up.

I have read that Coeliac disease is common amongst people with MS as it’s also immune related. But then so is asthma and a few other illnesses so how far do we go with this? As the others have mentioned, they feel better on a gluten free diet, but you read another article and it says that the only people who should avoid gluten is those with Coeliac.

I think it’s up to you too decide whether or not to limit your diet. It may be worth keeping a food diary for a while to see whether anything in particular makes you feel out of sorts or uncomfortable and adjusting your diet accordingly.

Although we all know that fresh fruit and veg is better, there’s nothing wrong with frozen. When fatigue or coordination are a problem there’s nothing easier than that as there’s no peeling etc. If you look in the frozen veg aisle you’ll see that cooking can be made easier with things like frozen diced onions, peppers, mushrooms etc.

I read a lot about diets when I was forced to go gluten free and there’s so much conflicting advice that I don’t know for sure what’s right and wrong but I think your MS nurse had the right advice getting you to come on here as we will all give different advice but researching online can boggle the brain with every site causing more confusion.

Good luck with it.