Time to relax the diet

Happy New Year everyone.I’ve got not got a question, just an update really. I was diagnosed PPMS Dec 2014 and at the start of 2015 I decided to try cutting out dairy, gluten, red meat and refined sugar. It’s been a bit of a faff and at times felt demoralizing since my symptoms have been progressing faster than my consultant expected. So I’ve decided to just go back to a balanced diet. Making the changes last year definitely opened my eyes to some things I could easily improve, and I’ll keep some things going, but I don’t want to continue restricting myself so much. Got enough to worry about! I think part of my reason for trying it out last year was to feel like I had some control over my MS, but I found it stressful always having to restrict my diet. Looking forward to a more chilled 2016!

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I couldn’t agree more Ian. I too have tried different diets and found them demoralising and frankly depressing. We have enough to struggle with without having to stress over what we’re eating.

I try and eat a good balanced diet. Not much red meat and only very rarely processed meat, and fish a couple of times a week (I like fish so that’s no hardship) & fruit and veg. But if I feel like sausages or steak or chocolate I go for it!

The most important thing is to make life as easy and pleasurable as possible!

Happy New Year,

Pat xx

You`re right IanD.

Best to eat a variety of foods, in moderation. I`m cutting right back on obvious crap. Going on a cruise in may and dont wanna sink the ship!!!

Happy 2016!


Hi Ian

It does seem like a lot of phaffing about, and I really think a balanced diet is best, and a great when you feel like one as well.

Wishing you all the best for 2016.

Pam x

**should say treat not great, sorry

Pam x

Hello Ian.

At home we follow a diet similar to Pat. The only trouble is that the local farm make their own sausages and they’re wonderful. At least we know what’s really in them! My wife does a mean home-made fishcake and we have lots of vegetable things using lentils as a good source of protein. After 20 odd years of MS, I find this type of diet the best for general wellness.

Best wishes, Steve.

I agree with the others too, Ian …a good varied healthy diet and the occasional treat!

It was several years after my dx that I first saw an MS nurse and one of my first questions was about the various diets that I’d read about for MS. His reply was…don’t you think you have enough to contend with without making your life harder living on nuts and vegetables!! If there was clear proof they improved M S it would be different matter!

Good Luck for 2016,

Nina X

Hi Ian. If it helps, my Neuro also recommends we just follow a normal balanced diet. The only vitamin supplement he recommends is vit D3, 1000iu per day. And that you don’t get from food anyway. I have to have a gluten free diet but only because I have another health problem so it can’t be avoided, but just eliminating this I find very challenging at times.

If we eliminated everything that anyone thinks is bad for us we’d be hungry and miserable. Everything in moderation I think is the answer. I do take my hat off to you for managing your limited diet, I have neither the patience or discipline. Let’s hope 2016 brings good things.

Cath x

Thank you for everyone’s supportive comments. Having been so strict last year it was a tricky decision, but it already feels like a big weight off my shoulders. Cheers, Ian

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