Has anyone changed their diet since being diagnosed?

I was diagnosed in July and have been doing a lot of reading about MS since then. There are lots of different opinions on diets which could be beneficial to MS sufferers. I was wondering if anyone had changed their diet since their diagnosis?

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Several times

Swank MS diet is wonderful…felt better…gave up red meat

Hospitalised 3 times in padt few yrs…only now findig I’m gluten and lactose intolerant…there are foods everywhere to help us…GIVE UP THE PASTRIES AND USE DOVES FARM GLUTEN FREE FLOUR, TESCO SPECIALITY BREAD AND COOK MY OWN STUFF LOTS…I KNOW WHATS IN IT…our immune systems don’t tolerate flour and lactose (only calves are intended to drink milk)…change to almond milk and violife cheese slices…and join a Facebook and Twitter gluten free group, you’ll fell so much better…AND LOSE WEIGHT!




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I haven’t been dianosed but my sensory symptoms are enough to go 110% at my diet. So I went and cut any foods that can cause inflammation. I now avoid: -Dairy -Meat -Processed Sugar -Caffeine -Saturated fat -Gluten So i’m now a walking vegatable lol. On the odd occassion i’ll say screw it and treat myself. Some of the main things i’ll have are: Smoothies atleast 2 a day with either, Almond Milk, Oat Milk or Coconut milk. With a Mix of: Blue Berries Straw berries Flax seed Around 1 ton of Kale & Spinach lol Honey local to my county Banana Meals i’ll make fresh, which i’ll use a plant based alternative for the protein. I eat nuts l. For a treat i’ll eat some 70% or high dark chocolate but I keep at eye on the sugar content. Majority of 70% will have 29g per 100g but 85% will only have 11g per 100g so quite the difference. For me I just went into survival mode and wanted to aid the body.

I’m gluten free. Made a massive difference to energy levels.

I’m a coeliac so have eaten a gluten free diet way before being diagnosed with MS. Plus I am pre-diabetic, which makes it awkward to say the least. I’m not sure whether trying different diets makes any difference to MS apart from doing the best for our bodies that we can with a healthy and well-balanced diet.

I have the permanent ms hug and am often I’m constipated so I gave up meat and restrict dairy.

Many people (including me)feel that changing diet helps even though there isn’t definitive evidence.

Certainly you should look after yourself, a good diet, rest and exercise, we’re all on this journey for the rest of our lives

good luck


I considered diet about 2 years ago. Having been a teacher, I was aware of gluten and dairy intolerance so I had a major cut down on both. After 6 months, I’d noticed a difference with the fatigue. It’s hard to keep it up but I’m sure the odd binge can be tolerated. Strangely enough, all of my non-affected friends thought it was ludicrous and I was turning a bit too precious about myself. You know, reminiscent of the over-protective parent being particular about their own children. Nuff said.

I am sensitive to gluten, breat and alcohol yeast (go figure lol), and a bunch of other things. i was tested. anyway i try to be as gluten free as i can. if i eat anything with it boy i know it my legs burn like mad.

I rarely eat red meat and i dont eat dairy. I love KOKO milk which is fortified with b12 and d3 and since i have drank that my fatigue levels went up.

if i do eat gluten my stomach bloats. I do eat a ton of fruit, i love fruit and veggies.

I use Oak Milk as a replacement to normal and it’s really creamy and suprising nice. I use Coconut milk for smoothies.

I am gluten free

I have been trying to eat more healthy but now it is coming up to christmas I have let that slip a bit. I was told in April that I had a heart condition. I had a bmi test as well which said I was border line obese so I thought I would try to lose weight. Looks like I will have to try twice as hard after christmas. I have always had problems with yeast so I avoid bread.