MS Diet

Hi All,

Just wanted to know if anyone had tried this…

I had a book come yesterday by a Dr Swank. An American doctor who studied MS for years and then came up with a diet to help MS sufferers. Just started reading it and it sounds worth a try. Just wondered if anyone had tried it and if it does relieve the symptoms like it says it does.

I swear by it, but have stuck to it, more or less, for one heck of a long time. All I know is that I was on rapid downhill rollercoaster until putting my diet right back in 1998. I’ve had a few disabling relapses since then, but have recovered pretty well from them, with an even better recovery speed since being on LDN.

George Jelinek’s produced an updated version of the diet based on his opinions, and many swear by that too.

The main key has to be to live ‘healthily’ with MS, so do everything that a ‘healthy’ person should do, and you’re bound to cope better with MS, whether or not it bites you - and here’s hoping it doesn’t.

Lolli xx

Thanks for that Lolli. I’ve just started looking through it, and whilst I had started a healthy low fat diet before due to a rather nasty bout of acute pancreatitus caused by gallstones of all things, I’m going to stick to it. Anything to make life easier!

Youch! In that case, a lot of what Swank says will make sense for you.

I’ve only occasionally bothered with substitutes, e.g. soya milk, plastic cheese, that sort of thing, preferring instead to avoid the fatty things & especially dairy products completely. Even gave up chocolate completely for an entire year (or was it two years?) on starting swanking.

And later I had a food intolerance test done that showed intolerance to a zillion things that I then avoided assiduously for two years, which left me feeling better generally. Since reintroducing those foods, I’ve noticed some problems still, but know what to avoid now. No idea whether it’s intolerance or in the mind though! It was testing for IgG antibodies through York Laboratories that I had done. There’s often a reduced price deal to be had through the Best Bet Diet Group (which is one of the more extreme variants of Swank and has quite a big following) and/or MS-UK (formerly known as MSRC) if you’re looking to have testing done.

People and restaurants are now a lot more aware of dietary needs. Tapping yourself on the chest to imply that you’ve a dodgy heart will get you (a) everyone else’s stories of their pacemakers, Uncle Fred’s triple bypass, etc., and (b) less greasy food. People find heart conditions less scary than MS (???).

Good luck and enjoy being a swanker!

Lolli xx