Hi everyone

I hope everyone is as well as they can be!

So I’ve decided to look at my diet. My friends sister in law also has ms. She has successfully changed her diet to Organic and vegan and says it changed her life with respect to her ms. Her symptoms are much less and fatigue non existent !

ive decided to se if I can help myself too. I’ve changed to organic food only I figure if we are eating our food which in turn is sprayed with pesticides etc surly this can not be good for our health! I know it maybe costs slightly more but as our Mortgage is just about to finish I think it could be money well spent.

Im not too sure about the dairy side of things and wondered what other people’s experiences have been.

My main symptoms have been slight off balance feelings and fatigue together with occasional nerve pain.

many thanks

Ann x

Hi Ann

I think that we’ll all respond differently to different diets. For some, cutting out things like dairy or gluten or meat will make a big difference, but others won’t notice anything. So try it and see. If it helps, great. If not, you can add it to the shopping list again.


I think before starting any diet of exclusion i.e. dairy and gluten people should be tested to see if they are actually sensitive to it. I was told that by a diatician. I had blood tests for allergy etc, and well it came up with some really odd things. I was gluten senstive, oat and rye, and brewers yeast and bakers yeast lol…green beans, bananas, these were sensitivity though about 2 in the range, weirdly enough i find eating bananas gives me bloat.

anyway i am gluten free as oats and rye was just a 2 on sensitive i do each occasionally. I came up with a low grade lactose intolerance and funny enough i just dont like milk, so i drink KOKO milk which is fortified with b12 and vit D, and my fatigue levels did get better on that. also i lost weight when i went gluten free more the fact there isnt much you can eat without it in lol. Oh yes and SOYA bad so i try not to touch anything with that. although thats hard as its even in chocolate.

Now my daughter was overweight always tired and went on a ketone diet and six months later she looked brilliant i have to say and started riding again. she has fibro and M.E.

I was shocked as it was radical yet she always seemed to eat and more i thought.

Now she has switched to fully Vegan, she has put weight back on, is always tired and doesnt feel well.

i told her to go back ketone but she wont.

there are so many diets out there. I dont think they help any particular disease i think good healthy food (I eat mediterrean), supports our immune system. which then makes us feel better.

eating garbage is not good for us, eating good is.

i dont go with all this organic stuff. I have a friend with an allotment who grows all own food and chickens for eggs and has MS and her diet of organic has made difference to how she feels.

the trouble with organic it is expensive so people buy less i would rather eat more veg and fruit in my diet so chose not to go organic unless i get some of my stuff from friends who grow their own. we grew our own fruit and veg so i ate that and had chickens too so all organic. i still grow strawberry in baskets.

I think its a personal thing if you feel it helps no harm no fowl.

but no garbage is the answer lol. x

I have been following the best bet diet for 8 years no gluten,dairy,low fat and low sugar, or me i feel so much better when i’m on the diet

Hi ,

i avoid dairy and I’m 80% gluten free. I don’t eat meat just fish occasionally. I’ve reduced my sugar consumption. I do feel better eating this way. We are all different, I have a friend who has ms and she’s fine with eating dairy , unlike me. The best thing to do is to try a diet and see how you feel. When you’re on a diet listen to your body , & keep a diary so you can document how the diet and foods are making you feel.