Diet and tiredness

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I was wondering if some of you lovely lot might have some advice, I was diagnosed with MS last year and thankfully so far have been more or less ok. I have however started to really struggle with tiredness, I don’t know if this is just natural due to a very busy full time job and home life, or whether it’s MS but I was wondering if anyone had found that any particular diets or foods helped with this? I’ve had a look on the MS Society website and seen the few mentioned but keen to know if anyone has had any success or positive experiences? All advice very much appreciated :slight_smile:

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in fact, i would hate for you to under appreciate its use in fending off fatigue, whether with MS or not, so i repeat…


good luckl!

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I’d agree with Paolo… I drink a hell of a lot more water than I used to, and occasionally suck an ice cube as well! If I don’t do that, the fatigue can hit me with devastating consequences… I carry a bottle of cold water in my bag every day, straight out of the fridge at home to the fridge at work - more convenient than ice cubes but rather more portable.

Thank you so much for your responses! Which have also made me laugh as my husband is always telling me to drink more water… perhaps I should! Thank you very much indeed :slight_smile:

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Hi. Take a look at “Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis” book by a Professor George Jelenick, it is a good read !!

I have often used the website by the same name; i am not sure if there might be a connection there or not…

Here is a link to Professor Jelinek’s site, in case you are interested.

Hi, I take lots of supplement and do the best bet diet no gluten,dairy,sugar and low fat its hard at times but I feel really well on it most of the times and my fatique is not too bad it hard to know whats working but its worth trying something, I do take spiruline which really helps fatique.