The MS Recovery Diet?

I was just wondering if anyone had tried this diet and if so was it effective? I’m just at the stage of looking into things about MS and really am willing to try anything. I have two young daughters and I intend to be the best dad I can and be able to take an active part in their groth and development. My eldest uses me as a climbing frame at the moment and I want my youngest to do the same.

Some times though (like today) I feel so weak and tired. Head is spinning and legs feel incredibly weak.

Anyway - looking for advice as much as [possible.

Many thanks.


Sorry should have posted this on everyday living.


Hi i follow it. I have to say that some of my burning has decreased and my fatigue is a lot better too. Its worth a try, well anything is worth a try lol. maria

Hi ya

Last year I went gluten free - it didn’t do anything for my ms but I did have a flatter belly

In my opinion our bodies need all the food groups, so if for example you’re cutting dairy out of your diet then it needs to be replaced with an equivalent and so on. Quite a few people do follow various diets, whether they work or not remains to be seen so I guess it’s a case of try it and see whether it works for you.

It’s also worth considering the cost of following any diet - when I went gluten free for example I found a lot of GF foods to be more expensive so you really need to shop around. My own opinion is to aim for a healthy diet rather than a specific one that may exclude certain groups.

Debbie xx

There is no scientific evidence that special diets help MS, but a lot of people believe in them nonetheless (and a lot of people make a fortune from that!).

My own view is that eating healthily is a no brainer - giving our bodies all the food stuffs that they need, but less of the stuff that they don’t can only help! So eating a balanced diet, with lots of oily fish, is a very sensible move.

Same goes for exercise - keeping as fit and healthy as possible can only help our bodies to fight ill health.

Karen x