Diet is the answer????

Hello everyone - dx’d Nov and thought I was doing OK! Spoke to someone from a local MS support group the other day and was told I could “control MS with diet” - I was then given a long list of all the things that I should not eat, especially saturated fat. Was told that it is important to stick to a vegan diet with the occasional ‘treat’ of chicken breast or fish. After that conversation I felt like I had been ‘rung out’ emotionally, that it was all my fault that I have got MS because of my diet and I just feel an emotional tearful wreck now. I know the person I spoke to was trying to help and I am posting anonomously because I do not know whether they come on here or not and I do not want to cause any upset to them. I do not feel convinced by the diet advice - but just wondered if anyone else follows such a diet?

Hi I personally follow the diet my neuro consultant and nurse (who are both MS specialists), advised which is just a normally healthy diet. 5 a day, protein for essential repairs and strength, carbs for energy and calcium which is especially important if you have had or going to have steroids. I know people will disagree with this and follow specific diets which work for them but I am happy to follow the advise I was given. Xx

Loads of people follow diets of which there are plenty of different ones touted on-line, usually with links to where to buy the book! Unfortunately, some of the dieters are complete zealots :frowning: However, there is no evidence that they work any better than a normal healthy diet. Actually, there was a large study published a year or so ago that found that alcohol, coffee and oily fish were good for MS and only smoking was bad for it. In other words, eat what suits you, but avoid the fags. My diet is and always has been terrible. I have quite mild MS. I know people who eat really healthily and are much more disabled than me. If curing MS was as easy as fixing our diet, every medic would know about it and we’d none of us have MS! It’s only sensible to eat healthily, exercise, and generally be as healthy as we can be (other than MS obviously), and that involves treating the zealot with a healthy dose of scepticism - and, beware, there are a lot of them about, and not just the dieters :frowning: Karen x

Hi, it would be wonderful if by following a healthy diet MS could be erradicated!

Yes, there are folk who swear by certain diets which help them with their MS.

But I doubt there are many, if any, who say they have dieted away their MS.

Dont listen to the person who told you all that and left you feeling rung out.

Look after yourself and do what YOU feel is right.

luv Pollx

Hi, I completely agree with Poll. I have always been very active, had a positive attitude and eaten a healthy diet. I am 49, eight stone and a size 8, so if a healthy diet controlled MS I wouldn’t be in a wheelchair now. Anne x.

so my diet of brandy and fags is no good then?

On the subjects of being forgetfull I forget to eat all the time, probably why smoking is no good, apitite supresent, dont get me wrong I eat like a horse when I remember, No pun intended to Tescos burgers, I eat what I like normally and try to eat healthy, things are soo bloody expensive though, fresh stuff every day, plus I do the cooking and cant be bothered to cook just for me, (my wife does jenny craig so food supplied).

What? No chocolate? Not for me then! I can understand you feeling upset - our emotions can be all over the place at times can’t they? Try to put it behind you and go with the official advice of a normal healthy diet.

Hugs, Hazel

Oh, yeah, I forget to mention the (officially of course) benefits of chocolate upon one’s health. But to be particularly effective, it has to be eaten regularly and I’m sure I’ve read somewhere that frys orange cream, Cadburys cream eggs and chocolate fudge kitkat’s are of paramount importance in maintaining the benefits. ;))

Thank you to everyone for your replies. I have always eaten a fairly healthy diet - lots of vegetables, fruit and also home cooked meals. I do not know why I felt so upset - but I did. Normally I believe I am quite a sensible person but for some reason this really ‘got to me’. I will carry on with my normal diet and maybe buy some chocolate and/or alcohol at the weekend!

Yeh, you enjoy your treats.

luv Pollx