Dairy, wheat, help!

Hey everyone! For a long time now I’ve been experiencing sudden “attacks” of nausea, bloating, general change in bowel habits, even on one occasion a bad bout of vomiting and diarrhea. My ms symptoms worsen at these times also and I’m starting to wonder if it could be related to my diet. Thinking back, the problems seem to start when I’ve eaten a lot of dairy that particular day. Is this typical of MS? Is nausea typical of MS? Does anyone else suffer these problems? Sick of feeling sick all the time :(. Got enough to put up with as it is (I know you all understand) Thanks x

Its hard to tell unless you have tests, but people are known to react to diary, gluten and sugar. There is lots of research to suggest that these foods can cause inflammation in your system which can exacerbate symptoms, plus are generally nto good for you.

I gave them all up nearly two years ago and after a very tough and steep learning curve (!) I feel a lot better and feel i’m doing the best for my body. It’s not as hard as you think once you get going, there are loads of resources on line for recipes and ideas.

Google the Paleo Diet if you want to read more.

Thanks very much x

I think you might want to see a doctor about this - like someone else (with a recently discovered “mass” said on here recently, it’s easy to blame everything on MS and it might be something completely different.