Alcohol / Dairy / Gluten and if they link to MS

Good Morning Guys and Girls,

So, quick background story, my partner was diagnosed with MS early this year - and is due to start on Rebif (the highest dose) this week.

A symptom that seems to have coincided with her diagnosis of MS, has been an upset stomach / diarrhea, which upon looking back over what she’s eaten / drunk, appears to be linked to milk-based dairy (milk, cheese, yoghurt etc etc).

At first we couldn’t really pin what seemed to be the trigger for these stomach issues, and we decided to eliminate gluten first. It then appeared to be milk-based dairy that was the trigger. So my first question, was has anyone else experienced stomach issues from either / or gluten or dairy?

My second questions, is that one of her first symptoms that led to us investigating MS as the cause, was numbness and tingling (common I know), but she had it across her stomach, and since the numbness and tingling has subsided, it has left her feeling like she has a “ball” on her right hand side, just underneath her last rib. Has anyone experienced this? We were thinking it could be a “hug”, but she’s had it for months now…?

Third and final question - greedy i know - but I can’t see any research anywhere that links alcohol consumption to a relapse and exacerbating symptoms. My other half is convinced that alcohol also plays a part in bringing on a symptom / upsetting her stomach / making her feel pretty horrendous - event though she never drinks a lot, and drinks very rarely. Has anyone else had any expereince of this?

Thanks in advance,