Food intolerances?

Firsty sorry or the double posting I don’t know but every time I post it appears twice.

Do any of you suffer food intolernaces?

Mine are, Dairy, and Straweberries …

I was just reading that food intollerences can be an issue in MS patients?

Yeah I do, the allergy clinic don’t know what it is, but happens a lot with wheat but allergy clinic say wheat test was clear so they think it’s some kind of E number or addictive allergy. So carry a epi pen n have other tablets to take when I have a attack.

Quite some time ago (when coincidentally I’d started baking) I had a really bad tummy so I guessed it might be coeliac disease as one of my parents had coeliac disease so I cut out gluten.

My tests came back negative and it didn’t cure my problems BUT most importantly I noticed very quickly it did alter my sleep patterns, I actually started waking up in the mornings… probably for the first time in my life! So I guess it’s an intolerance anyway.

Lots has happened since then and I take meds so never wake easily but I still avoid gluten. When I’ve experimented I can tell you if I eat a real pizza, I will sleep til late and feel almost hungover. Having read up a bit I think it’s just hard for most people’s bodies to process gluten and seems that most recommendations are that MS sufferers avoid gluten! I even read one article that said it was recommended that anyone with chronic fatigue type symptoms is tested for coeliac disease…

So these days I don’t eat bread or pastry as a general rule. But I know that a KFC every now and then or a sauce made with flour is not going to upset the balance too much. I just choose not to eat it as at a time when I was pretty healthy it did make me feel better to cut it out.

Dairy is another pretty frequently suffered allergy and an IBS trigger for a lot of people.

I think in general, living as healthy a lifestyle as possible is a must and when something like MS raises it’s ugly head you have to listen to your body. Let’s put it this way, I was a p/t fitness instructor til I was diagnosed, and that finally made me pack up my pointless silk cut silver (ultra low!) habit :wink:

Sonia x

Hi there. First of all I need to make it clear that I have no diagnosis for my problems so far. You might find my first post a few weeks back, when I explained about my paresthesia (tingling/numbness) and now muscular pain (all similar things to MS symptoms). I definitely have a milk intolerance and an allergy to hazelnuts, but I’m convinced that food is a major trigger for me. When I was taking dairy I was having continual yeast infection problems, nausea, and crawling sensations. Without it, I’m not perfect, but in myself I feel so much better. I’ve also cut out gluten just in case. This week I ate something very salty and had a harder time for the following couple of days. I’ve seen things in the press about a potential connection between MS and salt, but the cause/effect aspects aren’t proven so far. So for now, I’m trying to lower salt intake, to see if that helps.

Yes, I do, but it is intolerance rather than allergy though. Both wheat, dairy and alcohol! I can consume all of them, but feel dreadful afterwards. Stuufy nose, swollen achey joints, fluey, tired. So a plate of cheese and crackers washed down with a large glass of red is a definate no-no these days!

I have a slight dairy intolerance and use soya milk now in tea, coffee, serials and when cooking instead of ‘cowjuice’ :wink: I still have the odd bowl of icecream though so not totally dairy free, but reducing it has vastly improved my contact dermatitis. I used to get a rash of itchy blisters on my hands (including my palms…horrible). I also eat less wheat - switching to oat based breakfast cereals has reduced bloating but I can still enjoy a little bread now and again. I was tested for coeliac and thankfully that came back negative. I did go for a food intolerance test last year, which was interesting. I’ve cut down on the main suspects now and my skin is clear and I bloat far less. Just all these other things to sort out now…

I cannot drink any alcohol for the life of me now. One sip and that’s it I feel rotten! Also if I eat large amounts of cheese and gluten then I get really bad cramps and bloat horribly. I still eat pizza and lots of cheese though lol