Alcohol, Electricity and MS

Hi guys.

Since I was given a dx back in July that I had MS, a lot of things that happened within the last few years are making me think.

About 3-4 years ago I started to get various MS symptoms, but never acted on them. Just went about my day to day life. Was never anything to do with my legs (unlike now).

Anyway, cutting to the chase… I became allergic to any alcohol that I drank. I go hot, and I mean HOT and come out in a bad rash. This happens even if I just have a sip of it. Has Anyone else had this happen to them?

I also wanted to ask… as this was quite scary for me, if anyone has had the feeling they are an electricity conducter?, I had this stranges feeling, nothing like pins or needles like I normally get, this was something much different. I was laid in bed and all of a sudden I felt pins and needles coming in both hands but this escalated where I felt I was being physically schocked by myself and felt like electricity was coming out my finger tips. I was that convinced I asked my husband to turn off the light to see if we could see lol.

He said he couldn’t see anything, but I then got strobing going on in my eyes, was very scary, just like watching a police flashing light upclose, VERY upclose. I felt if I touched my husband I could literally shock him it felt that bad, and asked him to stay away (of course he didn’t). He came up and grabbed my hands to see if it did, but the pain or shocking wracked itself through my arms.

After about an hour of me crying in my hubbys arms in the dark, it did pass, but was the most bizzare thing that has ever happened to me.

All input is welcome <3

-Kare x


I have a similar problem with alcohol, one sip of red wine, instant rash all on my face, burning in my body, hot flushes, horrible! Beer/lager feel like I’ve been run over by a bus, after a few sips, not pints! The only alcohol I can tolerate now is clear spirits with plenty of mixer, so really I just don’t bother anymore. I do miss it though.

The electric thing is wierd! Me and my daughter and mum all give/get static electric shocks of so many random things, but worse when we kiss each other! You can hear the ‘crack’! Mum can’t wear a watch, it just goes haywire, sometimes backwards, and I’m constantly blowing kettles, toasters, hairdryers etc, and have constant electrical problems with my cars. Just assumed it was my natural magnetism…

Yours sounds quite terrifying however, maybe a word with your GP or nurse would be in order?

Sounds like you’ve got a lovely hubby though

Take care


Lol it’s funny you should mention watches. I can’t wear wind up ones at all either. They go too fast on me… Very strange. Thanks for the input Hunny. Glad I’m not imagining the alcohol thing lol. Hubby thinks its funny tho :frowning: lol

Hello Kare

It sounds a very frightening experience. I have not heard of it before but as MS does affect the brain then I any nerves can be affected.

I would discuss with your MS nurse if you have one or your GP.

Hope it all settles down.

best wishes

Thank you for all your kind replies. No MS nurse available right now, the one we have has been ill for months, and my Gp doesn’t have a clue. I have to wait for neuro in Jan :frowning: