Hi everyone,

Hope you are all doing ok.

I have been bothered by the crawling feeling in my feet especially on a Saturday night. I was putting it down to working a Friday

and Saturday but now I think it is my Saturday night treat of glass or two of vino. Has anyone else noticed this?

Not that it’s going to make any difference I am not going to give up my only vice. This crappy illness has intruded too much in

my life already. I have noticed though it seems to be worse with red wine than white.

Mags xx

I can’t help with that - I haven’t touched alcohol since I was at uni, years before I started with PPMS. Alcohol never did anything pleasant, it just made me feel like I’d poisoned myself.

Best wishes

Hello Mags.

I haven’t had anything like this. I tend to just lose the ability to walk. I have however cut down on my consumption over the last fifteen years. This has been due to the effects that MS has added to the normal consequences. It’s still far more than the recommended 22 units. It is a vice I am not prepared to give up. Malt whisky and good wine certainly have a place in this house.

Best wishrs or is it cheers, Steve. (Only 5 hours until wine o’clock!)

I drink hardly anything at all now, Mags. When I do I feel a little bit woozy, just a glass or two is enough. But we’ve got roast beef tonight, and Ruth is going to open a nice bottle of Saumur, I can’t resist it!

Sorry Mags, I’m no help either. Because I take so many drugs for pain I very rarely touch alcohol, though I wasn’t much of a drinker before either. My feet do hurt as if someone has taken a baseball bat to them, or start throbbing or itching though if I spend much time standing. I do hope someone can give you answers.

Cath x

Hi Mags, sorry to say I’ve been tee total for about 6 years.

Started getting very dizzy whenever I had even a small glass of wine. The very last time I had a small glass of red I was in theatre bar, went to disabled loo and thought I was going to die. Extremely dizzy and so hot I had to undress & splash cold water on myself. Thought I was going to have to pull the emergency cord.

Not touched a drop since.

But I do so miss sitting down with a glass of wine. I always enjoyed a glass of wine when I was cooking or watching a film… or after work… or with a meal… Those were the days my friend.

Carry on if you can.

Pat xx

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Hiya Mags I don’t get this but I don’t drink wine (bleurgh!) I drink rum & a few bottles of lager. Depending on how much I drink and where said drinking takes place, my legs will hold me out for a good few hours. Then all of a sudden I’ll lose the ability to walk so I’ve learned to watch what I’m doing & where. It’s cool if it’s at my place or friends house but one of my mates has to carry me up & down his stairs so I can get a pee. Been a few close shaves on those stairs I tell you. Don’t drop me… Thump!


I don’t drink any alcohol, but I do get the crawling sensation in my legs some evenings, and I can’t pin it to any particular activity during the day.

Take care.

Chris R.

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I used to get the crawling in my legs when I worked, specially if I’d been working evenings. I don’t get it in my legs since I stopped working but I do still get it in my hands and arms, it is worse when I use the laptop or iPad too much. I started taking Amitriptyiline for the sensations as recommended by my MS Nurse and it has improved significantly.

I rarely drink so mine isn’t caused by that, I think its a combination of general MS symptoms and doing to much, we notice more on an evening when we relax my legs tingle and buzz constantly but I don’t notice so much during the day when I’m doing stuff…of course I’m probably wrong, I usually am

When I was first diagnosed I was asked if I enjoyed a drink as some people felt better after a tipple or two. I still can’t work out if they were recommending I start to drink!!!

Jan x