Hips pain

Well I woke up this morning after a very sober new years eve as I only had 3 drinks that night.

In my dream I had pain in hips and when I woke up I had sharp pain and stiffness in both hips, when I move one leg forward it feels
like bone is rubbing on bone and my left knee is clicking and in pain also, legs feel really weak and wobly also.

Oh and a really sore throat kicked in out of nowhere, even hurts when swallowing yet I dont feel tired or groggy and no blocked nose.

This all happend all of a sudden, I have taken 500 mg Naproxen and a Tramadol which has only just taken the edge off it.

Has anyone had something similar or is this thing not MS.

Might be a virus exacerbating your MS? Hopefully that super immune system of yours will kick it into touch very soon.

Karen x

Ha, its only 16 at the moment. Just rubbed deep heat everywhere and knee is hot but nothing on hips, so I’m guessing it is MS as my skin is numb on hips.

So much for washing the car today.

Catchya soon



I thought, like Karen that you might be sickening for a cold or flu, but can sleep walking ever turn into sleep dancing, as this would have been one heck of a party. It may be your three drinks though, as alcohol really does exacerbate my symptoms I know that. I could feel this yesterday when I was drinking at my sisters, so I poured the rest into the cat’s bowl. Alcohol can really have an effect on MS.