I've never felt so ill

Hi All,

Sorry to rant on, but I really have had it. I want to get up and get on with my day and do things, and at present i’ve gone from being a healthy active person to pretty much house bound. Everyday I get up with a huge struggle and feel hungover and heavy eyed like I haven’t slept in weeks, which of course is not the case, I don’t sleep great but I do get sleep. I’m always walking funny and cannot walk in straight line, I wobble and sway and when I am out which is rare people think I am drunk!! I am exhausted everyday, I keep spasming and jerking and my eyes are starting to take a while to focus with minor blurriness and have aching daily behind my eyes. I am so sick of it all.

Hallo there - so sorry you’re feeling so bad :frowning: Please get in touch we your MS nurse/GP or neuro - you need some support and a treatment plan (and to be heard & not feel alone). I note that you posted this yesterday - are you feeling better today? I too am staggering around like a drunkard at the moment - I posted on here to see if someone could help me figure out if its a relapse or a flare up - only one kind soul has been able to help so far. I’m no doc but it sounds like you are having a flare up/relapse (sorry I just don’t know what the difference is between the 2) and there are colds/viruses around at the mo that could be compounding your issues or it may be a relapse - either way please don’t suffer alone and see your ms nurse/neuro. I’m sorry I can’t be more help but you’re not alone xx

Hi I agree with Rosie contact your team and ask them for some supportand ddiscuss treatment options. Sending you a virtual hug. Take care Barney

Hi melnic I hear you man, I really do. It’s so frustating when Im like this, it drives me mental! I make plans to go out for lunch, tea, maybe even couple of drinks & have to cancel cos I’m that tired & my legs are dragging… sit in the house getting more pissed off & just sick of being sick an tired! :wink: It does pass though, I know it’s hard but it will improve to a point where you’ll be out & about again. I’ve lived with my not so friendly little ms gremlin for 17yrs now, I’m 35 & pp but I’m here if you want to rant, shout, whatever. Peace :slight_smile: