Oh boy

This has definately been the worst relapse I’ve ever had. Tonight I feel as if it’s eased a little, but, as I’ve had this feeling several times and then got worse, I must say I’m a bit concerned. I’m feeling quite drunk ( even though I don’t drink alcohol), like I’m out of it. I could hardly open my eyes today :s not sure what to do, husband is off to work again Monday, he works away, and I don’t have any other support network. I’m really not sure what I should do. Do I need steroids ? I don’t want to be admitted to hospital, hate hospital stays, so anyone got any advice? Thanks xx

Do you have an MS Nurse? You need to contact them ASAP… (( hug ))

Hello Beverly

Yes, contact your MS nurse or gp.

How you feeling today?

Noreen x

Still very drunk feeling. I’ve tried to see my GP for last 3 wks but he’s either away or booked up. I’ve not heard anything off MS nurse yet, even though I’ve been referred to her. Not a lot I can do today with it being Sunday , I will try and phone MS nurse tomorrow . Speech is bad today, can’t find my words and tongue is floppy :s I am a bit fed up with it now lol. Hubby off to London tomorrow, even though he doesn’t want to, not much choice. It’s a pain in the derrière . Thanks for replying,I will try and read through the forum for. Bit and will be back properly when this head clears up. Hugs to everyone xxxx