The worst has passed :)

Hello all, I hope you’re all doing ok. I’ve not been on here much as I’ve had a bad relapse which lasted a few weeks. I can’t grumble too much as they normally last a few months. I still get tired easily but I’m a lot better than I was. The funny thing lately is if I try to walk in a straight line I end up veering off to the right. For this reason I don’t walk down the alcohol aisles in supermarkets in case they think I’m on the booze already :wink: ( actually, I don’t drink so to be accused of being drunk would be quite funny). Yes so I use my walker a lot just to keep me in line lol.

had the EEG again yesterday. They were still saying MS and I had to say ’ we don’t know for sure yet’. It took ages for my eyes to feel right after it. I kept going cross eyed! And I get a headache after, which is quite usual for some people according to the nurse there. So, seeing as I didn’t have any problems during the test( apart from severe boredom) I presume it went alright.

next week is the continence clinic and another MRI. I’m not due to see Neuro till January I think, so more waiting. I’m not concentrating on it too much at the moment. I’m quite bored to be honest with it now. It’s gone on for so long, so I just do what I can when I can.

thats my update. Thanks for reading xx

hi beverley

i’m so glad that your relapse is easing off.

love your mention of boredom re your ms!

i agree - its so flippin boring (dicing with the revenge of the monster)

carole x

Hi Beverly, I know exactly what you mean about veering off to the right! I tend to have my stick in my right hand and it has prevented me from bumping into walls and lamp posts occasionally. Best of luck with your various tests and I hope you find something fun to distract you from the boredom of it all :slight_smile:

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:slight_smile: thanks pigpen. It is boring though, isn’t it? Go to an appointment, test this, test that…then wait months to hear anything. Bah! Bored!! Lol. I suppose if it wasn’t so boring I wouldn’t mind, but even the symptoms stay the same, with a new one thrown into the mix once in a while. If it was a holiday I’d be demanding my money back lol :wink: xx

Hi :slight_smile: yeah now I’ve tried having two sticks but I can’t control the stick in my left hand, so I usually end up swinging it about and having near misses with hitting people. So at the mo I use my frame which is brilliant for keeping me on track.

I’ve got lots to do when I’m not feeling too bad. I draw, got my garden and allotment and I enjoy baking…though I’ve got a few burns when I’ve been baking on a day when my coordination isn’t so great :s it’s just the whole brain thing I find boring. I’ve had test upon test and still no nearer to finding out what’s going on…boring! :wink: