Still going on :)

Hello all, I am feeling more human and not ogre- ish. I’m still in this relapse but it’s eased off a bit. It feels like the world worst hangover…and I don’t drink! I hope everyone is feeling ok, or, on the way to feeling ok. I’ve still not heard from Neuro who physio was giving him a nudge, but my experience over last couple of years has proved, they don’t rush! I’m still waiting to get leg splint thing, whatever it’s called, for the foot drop. My sleep pattern is up the wall. Last night I couldn’t sleep till about 3 am, and I woke at 1.30 pm! My neck is burning, so I have a cool pack on that. That’s me for now. I managed to get a bit more drawing done last night, but my head feels totally worn out now so I think I will do more in a few days. Sorry this post isn’t the most interesting, I feel like a robot at the moment :slight_smile: Take care and hugs to everyone xxx

Your post doesn’t have to be interesting Beverly. It’s about you expressing your feelings. Having said that, it’s not boring lol :slight_smile: Sometimes I don’t get to bed until 3 in the morning…I just sleep a bit later next day. I quite enjoy that peaceful time at night :slight_smile: not all the time though lol. Take care xx

Yeah I know what you mean, especially if it’s a noisier day, a quiet evening can be most welcome. I’ve just got my prescription through, so I will sleep like a log tonight ( zoplicone). They are brilliant for giving me at least 2 nights a week decent sleep. Thanks for saying it wasn’t boring :slight_smile: I feel like the talking clock when I’m like this, monotonous and robotic lol. I think I’m over the worst ( hopefully) as this ones been quite long, it was bad, eased off then got bad again :s Hope you’re ok. Xx

I’m great!! Had a really interesting day CLEANING lol I used to do all my housework in one day. Now I’m exhausted after a few minutes lol Went to church last night and had a good evening…won some chocolate Brazil’s :slight_smile: Zopiclone is good, used it on the ward’s. I take topiramate at night for headaches/migraine that knocks me out for the night…wonderful stuff :slight_smile: I hope you are over the worst of it. Xx

Know what you mean about housework! I Hoover, mop and I’m done! Glad you had a good night at the church. Which one do you go to? I miss it. I don’t fancy the one here as the people aren’t the same as I used to know back up north. One day I might give it a whirl again. My best ever win was a porcelain cat ornament :slight_smile: some old dear tried to pinch it ha ha x

I’ve just done my bathroom and that’s it now, I’m pooped. I’ve only done so much today because my daughter is due back…not that she cares, and goes nuts with me for doing it

She has a friend over from Australia, they are both in their 30s…been pen friends since junior school. Met a few years ago for a couple of days in London, now they are spending about two weeks together and having a great time. In between my daughter working. My daughter has her own business…this friend works for her in the australia branch…how cool is that!!

Fancy a dear old lady trying to pinch your porcelain lol,what’s the world coming to I keep my fingers crossed very week, that I don’t win a prize lol.

My church is quite local, here in Bridlington. In fact I have a choice of two, I love going and always have few laughs.

Yes, try and go to one again when your up to it, they are always welcoming.


Btw!! what kind of drawing do you do?

Aw, wow! Your daughters doing well isn’t she?! How fabulous. I bet you’re so proud :slight_smile: hope she has fun. Don’t you do too much though! Xx Yes, I think I will try church again. I used to go to Heywood, started at salford first, then progressed on. I also went to open circles and loved all that. I do miss it, but I know I’m not up to it at the moment. I’m hoping that once I get diagnosed ( lol) I will hopefully get treatment that will keep me on an even keel for a bit. That’d be ace :slight_smile: Drawing wise, I do all sorts really. People, animals etc. it’s good fun and a brilliant distraction. If you’d like to see some of my work, to on DeviantArt and look for BevF . I’ve got a gallery you can have a mosey through. It’s a good site as there are all kinds of art, like paintings, collage, crafts of all kinds, dressmakers…loads.ive met some lovely people on there too. Keep well Hun and chat soon xxx

I am proud of her Beverly. Her home is her office, she travels to london a lot on business meetings.

She runs a talent agency which has talent in this country, Ireland and Australia…she’s just busy connecting with America. She is also a co-owner of a film production company. It’s not come easy and she works very hard, seven days a week.

I have looked at your work on the website, it is absolutely amazing!!

I love the John Malkovich and Clint Eastwood. The over indulgence one, I can definitely relate to lol

You are really clever. I am going to have another more leisurely look through later when I’m dressed. Will show my husband, he paints oils and watercolours and enjoys art.

Do you sell them, never checked that when I was looking.

Yes, I do open circles too.

Noreen x

Wow, she’s a high flyer isn’t she. Brilliant :slight_smile: I hope she gets loads of success, she’s a hard worker. Ooh thanks for having a look :slight_smile: I have some that are for sale, the ‘prints’ section has a few for sale. I do commissions too privately, not on the site. It’s good fun :slight_smile: Open circles were the best bit I think. Had so much fun. Have a great day chuck, and thanks again for looking at my pics :slight_smile: I’d be quite interested to see what your husband thinks, as he’s probably more advanced than I am. It’s sunny here, so I’m hoping to top up the sunburn lol :wink: Xxxx

P.s. Any watercolour colour tips he can give would be most welcomed. I cannot paint to save my life lol xx

No way is my husband more advanced than you beverly he couldn’t do what you do. He is all self taught…there are quite a few in his family that just seem to have the knack. I have all on to draw a straight line but I appreciate good art and enjoying looking. He has sold a handful in the past but no more now…just for his own pleasure.

If you are on facebook, let me know and I will pm you my link…you can see one of my husband’s pics in oil he did, for a friends 60th and see what you think with your expert eye.


Aw no, I’m no expert. I’m not on Facebook :s I will pm you my email xx

I will go on my laptop later and try and email the pic straight from Facebook. Apparently it’s easy…ha ha I bet :slight_smile:

Okey dokey pig in a pokey :slight_smile: ( I watch far too much tv ) x

Hello Beverly

My husband has looked at your work and was very impressed. He could never draw people/animal faces…believe me he has tried Lol and it’s true he can’t

Landscapes, buildings etc are his area of interest.

He is always very humble about his painting, are you the same…is it an arty thing Lol

Noreen xx

Yeah I think it is an art thing. I’m always finding fault with my own work :s Thankyou for passing on his comment, lovely of him to say :slight_smile: I’m not very good at landscapes or buildings, I have a go now and then but not my favourite to do. I’m currently doing colour animals at the moment :slight_smile: Hope you’re alright and thanks again Xxxx