WO!!!!! Ups and Downs :-)

Just writing to mention the strange few days I’ve had. 3 days ago I tried to post here but couldn’t

because I had too much to say and too much anger. I was tired, sleepy, sore, stiff, dizzy and

generally feeling pretty rubbish. Yesterday I had a moment when I thought I can let this thing beat me

or I can try and do something more positive about it!

Accepting I felt rubbish was becoming the norm. I realised I had accepted this. How can I get better if I

accept feeling rubbish. Today I woke up with an entirely new attitude. I stil feel rubbish but my energy

levels are up and my mind is clearer. I am now looking out as apposed to always looking in. Long

may that continue. Sorry I should rephrase - I am still looking in but looking at all the good points not

just the bad.

Still no diagnosis but Neuro appointment has been brought forward a month to the 22nd


Just wanted to share.

Take care all.


Good for you

And good news on the appointment

Karen x