Two good days now :D

Well, as per the title, I am on day 2 of feeling (almost) back to normal. I even managed to go into town today, and do the shopping.

Feeling very pleased with myself as I have even cut right down on the meds as cant believe I need to take so many when I feel ok.

I am starting to ache a tiny bit now and my feet are buirning, but I am so pleased that I am maybe seeing a light at the end of the tunnel (after a particularly rubbish 41/2 months).

Hope everyone is also having a good/better day too :smiley:

Paula xx

Yippdedoo, that’s fab

Here’s for more of the same ( I think we need a little picture of a champagne glass!)


Paula thats fab news! I’m so glad you’ve finally turned the corner and feel better and more yourself.

I’m feeling better after my holiday away and I have my second opinion next week too.

It’s nice knowing things can get better.



Thanks Deb and Reemz xx

Deb - I am so hoping I am ok Saturday as I may even venture out in the evening for a drink - will be the first time in months!! xx

Reemz - glad to hear you are feeling bit better now. A little holiday is always good for the soul :smiley: Im hoping to get away somewhere hot in October, after the neuro appointment. The second opinion next week has come round quickly! I really hope it goes brilliantly for you, please let me know what day it is so I can keep my fingers and toes crossed for you :smiley: xx


Always good to hear peolpe coming out the other side.

Long may it continue

Have a very good day