Still feeling ok...ish :)

Hello, I hope everyone is alright and coping well. I’m still having good days, ok, still have the dizziness, foot drop, speech etc but it’s at a level I can cope with. I’ve really got to be careful as i love gardening and I have to make sure I don’t overdo things. I’ve got a Dr’s appointment this morning, it’s taken 7 weeks to see him. I’m just going to tell him all about the last relapse and get my hissing ears looked at. Will keep you posted xx

Hi Beverly,

Just wanted to wish you luck with GP appointment - keep us posted

PG xx

Good luck with gp appointment Beverly. Let us know how you get on :slight_smile: xx

Thankyou my darlings. Erm, had a kick to the stomach to be honest. Got in my drs room, sat down and told him all about my relapse. He looked at me and said, ‘I’m sorry. It’s MS,I’m so sorry’. At this point I burst into tears :s couldn’t help it. It’s always been on the cards but to hear it direct it was unreal. I sat there and thanked him and said there’s no point in sugar coating it, I’d rather know so I can crack on. He’s getting hold of my Neuro to get some treatment started. If it’s anything like the rest of the appointments, I will be waiting a while I think. I’m still waiting for a new MRI appt lol. So, ( another softy moment), got to my car ( I still can’t remember how I got to it!) and sat and blubber. The woman in car next to me must have thought I was a right plonker. Anyway phoned hubby, who’s away in a London working, and he was brilliant and said it’s a good thing. It’s the first time we’ve had a definate answer. So, now I’m just chilling out. I’m off to my allotment later to pull out weeds. I’m off on holiday in 2 weeks and doc gave me diazepam for the flying…HATE flying. So I feel a lot better now I’ve had a cry and feel relieved actually that this is what it is and I can hopefully get treatment. What a palaver eh? Xxxx

Oh Beverly, I am sorry to hear that. Having been dx last Friday, I know exactly how you feel. It doesn’t matter how much you expect it, hearing it out loud just knocks you for six.

As people have said to me, at least now you know what you’re dealing with and can start putting things into action. DMDs etc.

Always here for a chat if you need one

Be kind to yourself xxxxxxxxxxx

I am sorry to hear this Beverly, I remember how I felt. It’s quite a shock but at least you know what your dealing with. Here’s a virtual hug until your hubby gets home :slight_smile: ((((((hug))))))

Sending you hugs and positive vibes xxxxxx

Thankyou so much. That’s why I love this forum, I know that you all know that feeling. I’m still feeling a bit gutted. The new allotment I got, I went down there and cleared masses of weeds, it did me good to just rip it all out…quite therapeutic :slight_smile: I don’t think it’s fully hit me yet. For ages I just thought ‘alright, they say it looks like MS, but it not definate’; and now I’ve not got that. I suppose I always had plausible deniability lol. How long did it take you all before it sank in? As I’m still feeling a bit bewildered xxxx

It took me quite a while Beverley but we are all different. Even now nearly a year later, I say to myself Girl!! you got MS. I try not to dwell on it in a deep way but it always seems to be hanging around.

I’m just sorry that your hubby is not at home, when is he due back?

Give it time, be gentle with yourself and cry…because you can and eat chocolate cake


It hit me about 2 months on from being diagnosed and I had a few days of feeling very down and not wanting to talk to anyone other than my husband or do anything. I’m a bit wobbly now, almost 5 months on - a combination of causes which include having to suffer fools at work (not something I do gladly at the best of times!) and feeling deeply tired. In between I’ve felt fine and I think I’ve been my normal self, more or less.

There is no right or wrong way to react. Listen to your body, do what feels right for you, whether that is attack the weeds or curl up with a book and the TV remote control and ignore the world. Both will give your mind space to process the diagnosis and what this means for you. You need to allow yourself to mourn your lost dreams and the life you thought you had, but the process for that is different for each one of us.


You’re right Mitzi, I think that’s hit the nail on the head for me. I was just messaging someone and you’ve just said exactly what I meant. I think it is a mourning thing. Today I’m just pottering about the house, I had too much sun and exercise :slight_smile: it did me good though. Thanks for your lovely reply and support xxx

Hi Beverley, I don’t know how I missed your news. And I hope you are OK, am glad you have answers but don’t feel like you have to be strong, if you need to cry then cry. If you need to vent here then vent, but above all be kind to yourself xxx

Thanks Lelole :slight_smile: I’m trying to do that, just going along with my mood I suppose. I’m numb feeling today, tomorrow might be different. Thanks for asking xxxx