feeling really bleurgh.......

Hi everyone I was diagnosed 2 weeks ago after being admitted to hospital with my second major relapse in 8months. This relapse which I was given iv steroids fir has really knocked me for six. it has left me struggling with my mobility. I already had fatigue and my biggest bane constant burning in my legs. Neuro has tried me with all usual pain relief, but I have reacted badly to all of them. I have severe drowsiness. I have young children so cant walk around like a zombie all day lol. Since coming out of hospital I have seen an ms nurse and also occy health who have been fab. I have tried to be really positive infront of hubby and family for their sakes. I am usually a glass half full. But I have had a crap year. My mum passed away in june (I think that was my stresserr for relapse). So not sure how to just keep smiling. What do you good people do. Thank you for reading andrea

Hello Andrea,

you have had traumatic year, and my heart goes out to you. I am not sure what I can say to help make it better but I can send you lots of hugs.

Catherine xx

Thanks catherine :slight_smile: xx

Hi Andrea. Oh love. You`ve had a truly horrendous time.

I lost my mum 12 years ago and then dad followed her just 3 weeks later.

Me and my 2 sisters still grieve badly for them both.

I often dream about them, wake up and have to remind myself they are not here. I talk to them quite often and feel they help me somehow.

Back to you…with young children, you do need to keep going love.

I hope you have a good network of support. Dont be afraid to accept any offer of help. You need to rest when you can, so dont beat yourself up about feeling rubbish, yeh?

luv Pollyx

Thanks poll you are all so nice on here. At min just trying to get an understanding of whats happening to me. Its the unpredictability of Ms that is the hardest thing to deal with. Wishing you all well :slight_smile: