Is this it now !!!

Had a relapse april,followed by 3 more,just started to feel a little stronger,when wham,yet another, came,so have had to be in bed all this time, just managing to get up to go to bathroom and back,i have tried getting up for my meals, but even thats been too much for me,i struggle to get in the shower,but make myself,even though it takes it out of me,

today my partner suggested we go out for a ride in the car,i knew i wasnt up to it, but forced myself,anyway, i couldnt cope with it at all, i cant make sense of anything going off around me,its like my brains not processing any info at all,we had only been out for 10 minutes,i felt like i was falling to one side,and felt so bad,the motion in the car was exaggerated so much, it felt like he was driving really fast and braking really hard,when in fact he wasnt,i felt so dizzy going round roundabouts,

when we got back,i just went straight back to bed, i was so upset,and its made me realise that i wont be able to cope with anything at all,outside these 4 walls,its really upset me,i feel so hopeless,is this what its going to be like now?i know its taken me longer to get back on track, each time i have been ill,but this time i really feel as though i am not going to pick up at all, should i just accept it now,its just sort of confirmed,what i have been thinking for months,and i am scared to death.if this is the way its going to be now, i would rather go to bed and not wake up. i have fought this over the years and have times where i thought i was never going to pick up,but this time,i feel like, it really is it.has anyone else felt like this? have you picked up .after feeling you were never going to,i just cant do this anymore,its too hard.

Oh luv, I do feel for you.

Are you on the right meds, I wonder?

Sounds like you need an urgent appointment with GP/neuro/MS nurse.

Hope you do get something to help. MS can be a real swine!

luv Pollx

Hello my lovely,

Yes I’ve been where you are now (in 2008 when I had a major everything stopped working) and the trauma of my hospital experience made me wonder why the care was. Like you I didn’t want to wake up. This site was a life saver (I laughed so much at Hazelwah jokes and was lifted by the care from Poll (MS43) they along with my family brought me back to thinking about life. It was a very hard and difficult time.

I had a lot of the symptoms you describe and more. But eventually things started to improve and life started to feel important again. So what I am saying is each relapse can take time to recover from, and that whilst you are going through it it’s difficult to envisage a better time but caring people can help you get there.

So I’m sending you BIG WARM (((((((((((((((HUGS))))))))))))) to let you know we are there for you and hope you start to feel better soon. Love, Mary