Will this relapse ever end!!

Hi all, I feel like I’m having a really bad time at the moment I’m sure others are too but it’s really unlike me I’m usually such a positive person! I had a bad relapse (the first real one) 8 weeks ago, only a couple weeks after being diagnosed with rrms, I was giving a course of oral steroids 6 weeks ago which haven’t improved me at all as I have now been signed off work by my GP as I now can’t walk more than a few meters with a stick and certainly can’t drive but I was doing all this up until 3 weeks ago! My nurse has now referred me to go into hospital to have a three day course of steroids via iv but they can’t fit me in for another 2 weeks! I also started with Rebif just over a month ago, the injections themselves are fine but obviously due to this relapse I feel as if they aren’t doing anything! In the mean time I’m meant to be organising the schools Christmas fair (where i work) as well as preparing for my own family Christmas but I just can’t do anything. I can’t get up and go out anywhere, I can’t even do the housework whilst I’m signed off, trying to prepare the family’s evening meal is such hard work! I just feel like this relapse will never end, I want to be me again, be mobile and independent again - how can this all be taken away from you almost over night! And to top it off I tried applying for a blue badge thinking at least then if I could get friends to take me places they would be able to park close by but my claim was rejected and i was told i could walk to far! So to sound so glum, guess im just hoping for some inspirational words! x


Oh I wish I coud give you some inspiration but all I can say is I know how you’re feeling, Your story sounds so like mine at the moment.

I’m very recently diagnosed and on my ninth week of relapse. I work in a school too and am normally heavily involved in the organisation of our school xmas fayre too. It’s on Saturday and this year I’ve not been able to help out at all.

Up until this relapse I was at the gym five times a week, working four days and looking after the house and family. I like you can’t believe I’ve gone from that to this in such a short time.

I haven’t been offered steroids mind you, I’ve been left to come out of it on my own, which I’m assurred I will.

Sorry I can’t be any more helpful than maybe letting you know that you’re not alone. Everyone keeps telling me to stay positive and not give up hope but it’s so hard sometimes!!!

Thinking of you

Ann Marie

Sounds horrid. I am same at the moment. Only 4 weeks ago playing tennis and living life to the max now can’t even go see kids play sport etc. you are feeling guilty for letting people down but DON’T its not your fault. Just concentrate on getting better and you will. It’s ok to be fed up. I am doing a jigsaw how sad is that. 40 going on 80. Just try to laugh about it it will get better … Contact me if you need me. Xxxxxxx

Hi Everyone, I dont have MS, however I have symptoms that mimic MS…I have been like this for a yr now and my life has totally changed. I gave up my job as a Nursery Nurse just could not handle it any more. I was a risk really coz of balance and vision probs. Every aspect of my life has changed, I dont drive anymore, only go out with my husband or daughter,it is so hard to get use to because I have always been independant, and hate having to depend on family.

I have been put on betablockers for migraine and prozac for depression. I have good and bad days would love to be able to get up and go to work, but at the moment I have to take each day as it comes, and learn to pace myself.

I try not to let it get me down, but sometimes it does, we all just have to stay strong and try and support each other.

Jan xx


please see my reply in the grinch before christmas thread.

hope it helps u look at life differently. if you think its a load of rubbish then thats fine. but when i find something that makes life easier then i like to share it just incase it can help someone else too

ellie x

Thank you all for your kind words, I am usually a very patient person but 8 weeks feels like an age! And when you can’t see an end in sight it feels worse. I had so many plans this time of the year but can’t do any of them! x

I got diagnosed with ms at age of 16 in 2003, nearly 10years ago! Ms is hard but remember beat it don’t let it beat you! I am just getting over a bad relapse n just had three day course of I’ve steroids, they taking longer to kick in, but what can u do? You can do the things u had planned, just in a slower and in your own way