Am I still working through a relapse or is this me now?!

Hi all Hope your all having a nice Easter break? Can anyone advise? I experienced my first major relapse back early Oct, I went from completely mobile only really experiencing tiredness if I had over done it to not walking at all within a week. Since oct following 3 lots of steroids, now some Physio I have managed to get back to work and can walk about 20m with a stick, can’t stand for much longer than 20min without legs giving in! Is this how I’m going to be or could I possibly recover further? I was only dx late sep with rrms and its all come as such a shock, I’m only 29 with a 4 yr old and there’s so much more I still want to do e.g. have another baby! I have recently started Physio and am hoping in time this will help my balance as I currently look drunk when I walk! I am also taking Rebif but started this after the relapse so currently unsure if it is helping or not! Can anyone share their experiences or advise? Thanku Liana

Hi Liana

I pretty much had the same experience as you as going from being okish to not be able to walk, like you had a few doses of steriods and started rebif, I totaly recovered but it took a long time, can’t actually remember how long but def over 6 months! that was about 8 years ago and I’m still totally mobile(although legs sometime feel tired but considering I don’t really exercise or do any physion it could be a lot worse) but obviously have symptoms much the same as everyone else, so yes def possible to fully recover. Wishing you a speedy recovery and hope you’re back on track ASAP !

Debbie xx

Hi Debbie Thank you for your response, it is nice to know someone else has experienced the same and come through it - I can’t wait to see some more improvement! Thanks again Liana :slight_smile:

It’s still relatively early days so there’s a good chance that you’ll recover more. Keep at the physio!

Karen x