Big Replapse

Hello hope you are all as well as you can be.

last Monday morning I went to get out of bed but found my legs were dead to me. I could not stand, balance didn’t work. My legs just fell away from me. I realised I was having a relapse and for two days just slept and used my wheelchair to get from a to b. As the week progressed. So did MS. Eventually I’d had enough so my other half called the doctor who agreed it was a relapse and gave me steroids to help things along which it did. I have SPMS.

then on the Tuesday of this week once again my legs were dead again., my question to those of you has this affected you in the same way or was I fooling myself in thinking the relapse was going ? I won’t go into all the symptoms I’ve had as I don’t want to bore you. It’s the legs that worry me. Thank you for listening to me.



hi janet i’m not yet at the same stage as you but i know only too well what dodgy legs do to torment you. sending healing vibes with buckets of love xxx

Hello Janet

It’s a weird thing, being SP and having a relapse. Is it possibly inflammation but not a full on relapse?

I don’t know.

When I was RR, some years ago, I had a big time nasty relapse, where my legs just utterly stopped working, I couldn’t feel anything below about my ribs, and ended up in hospital. There wasn’t any period of then being back to ‘normal’, then the relapse kicking back in. Eventually, following IV steroids first one toe started being able to move, then most of one leg, which was followed by a bit more remission little by little.

Maybe a relapse you might have when SP is different? I don’t know.

I feel like I’ve had an element of inflammation, possibly a relapse just recently, my eye has gone blurry (with definitely no ON), I might have had a slightly droopy face on one side and I’ve got a titchy new symptom in that one foot has got pins and needles in the sole, which has now extended up the leg. I’ve been classed at SP for at least the last couple of years.

It sort of feels like a relapse. But not quite enough to take steroids. I’ve got an MRI booked in to see if there’s anything inflammatory going on.

Very strange this MS business.


Big thank you to Carol for sending me healing vibes. And love.

Also thank you Sue and yes it is a strange decease

Thank you both for replying



Hi Janet,

sorry to hear you are having a crappy time, fingers crossed (the ones that I can control!) that you recover quickly. These things can be so scary.

I hope that the professional support you get will help you through this period.

All the best