Is this a relapse?

For the past few days I have been feeling terrible. I never feel good but this is lots worse. The fatigue has multiplied meaning I can hardly get off the sofa, I have had bouts of vertigo that I only ever had in a relapse last year, all my usual symptoms are worse but the new one I have never had is leg pain.

My right leg is my bad one. It is weak and buzzes when I walk BUT the past few days it has really hurt. From my hip, down my thigh to my knee. Its like a dull ache but really sore. This has made the weakness worse too.

I have also been walking into everything and dropping things. Does this sound like a relapse? I had my urine checked last week and no infection then so I dont think that is whats causing it.

Thanks in advance x

it’s so hard to tell if we’re having a relapse isn’t it?

i don’t know if i have ever had one but just before my dx (MRI showed lesions but awaiting lp) i was really bad and ended up on iv steroids. i assume it must have been a relapse so at least i have a bench mark.

have you contacted yourr ms nurse? or neuro or even gp?

good luck and i hope you feel better soon

carole xx

Hi Hun. Sos to hear you are so unwell at mo. Its one of them million dollar questions im afraid. Sound likely but as we are all different & not text book who knows? All I can do is tell you I think im just comin out of one. Lasted bout three wks, most of what you describe, but have had leg pains for a long time, nighttime worse. Tried all the usual drugs but they made me feel worse (not to say one might agree with you) Ive managed to work through this one & am feelin better. Its such a frightening & horrible void to be in, am I or arent I? Speak to your GP etc see what they say. Mine are quite regular at mo & I have chosen to try & cope, but I have had MS for a while. Funnily, You tend to gain coping skills & if you can address the fear of whats happening to you the “relapses” release their hold quicker. I hope you feel better really soon, take care Tracey xx

Thanks for your replies.

I now have this pain in my arm as well and another horrible pain in the sole of my foot. Someting is definately happening, relapse or not.

I have a neuro appointment next week so will talk to him about it.

I do not want steroids even if it is a relapse as have had an awful time with them in the past. I just would like to know if it was a relapse for my notes.

Thanks again x

Thanks upenpm. I was talking to my MS nurse and she thinks I am having a relapse.

So far I have all my usual symptoms increased, the burning in my feet is now lots worse and 24/7 whereas it used to be only at night. When I first stand up my feet feel like they might burst. I have dreadful pains in my limbs (mainly my right leg), my weakness is worse, insomnia and lots of twitching on my arm, eyelid and eyebrows.

She had said to wait and talk to my neuro as I was meant to have an app with him yesterday but he cancelled on me (due to a family death).

So now I am left waiting till next month. I had said no to steroids as I hate them and they never helped me before.

Lindsay x