I am currently having a relapse at the moment, it started with increased pain in my legs and sides and also my chest. My legs also feel like lead weights and I have slowed down, my arms feel heavy to. I also have extreme fatigue, staying in bed for most of the day, and I feel really weak. I contacted my ms nurse who I have never sceen before as they have restructured care in my area, she told me it was a sensory relapse and gave no advise. 1week on and my legs are worse the pain is worse and my balance is worse than normal, nearly feel over today, I feel really weak and fatigue like I have never felt. I was just looking for some advise, should I contact my ms nurse again even though I felt I got no where with her last week. Thank you, hope you are all as well as you can be Jannine

You should contact your GP and ask him/her to try and get in touch with a consultant or neurologist or ask your GP if there are any meds that will help

I’d call the MS nurse again & ask for an appointment to see your neuro to discuss having steroids, or if there’s anything else that could help. And don’t take no for an answer!