Another relapse??

I had a relapse at the end of April that made my legs stiff and heavy and it was really hard to walk. That was treated with a 5 day dose of steroids at the beginning of May and I made quite a good recovery, was able to walk ok again.

At the start of last week, my legs started to feel stiff and heavy again and my balance is off, I’ve also noticed a burning sensation down my right leg.

I was taken off Avonex at the beginning of June and currently waiting for Tefidera to be released.

Im not sure if my recent symptoms equates to another relapse or not? Is there any point in talking to my MS nurse again as not sure if she’ll be able to do anything as I had steroids in May.

Just after a bit of advice really …

Ruth x

Just bumping you up so the wise ones on this site can help. I would say contact your MS nurse .


Hi, Its very confusing MS! I must of had an attack at one time but can’t think when, I’m all having heavy legs, leg spasms,balance problems tinglng on and off they seen to change every day, they can’t be relapses I’m better than was 2 years ago, I don’t go to my Neuro specialist Iwould be there all the time, but if you have a MS nurse its would be best to ask her.

all the best Sue