Is this the start of a relapse

Hi, Had a my 2nd relapse in April so was offically diagnosed. Random little spasms i have regualary but am on baclofen which reduce the intensity. Anyhow, yesterday my leg just numb and odd and developed a sharp pain in my back which felt like it was coming through my body and out my chest. Eased as day went on but leg ached. Toes started to feel cold last night although were not and still like that now with the pins and needles feeling. The pressure of wearing a bra today has been uncomfertable. This is how my other relapses started, minus the back pain. Stressing myself as guessing this is tje atart of another relapse, only 7 months from the last. Was 7 years between 1 and 2! What i ask myself is who do i tell, suppose my GP. I wasnt given an MS nurse. Feel better for sharing and understand cant do alot just will have to see if things get worse over the next few days!! Thanks for listening. Sue x

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Hi Sue, We have all been through random relapse limboland - not bad enough for meds - yet painful and upsetting symptoms. I like to touch base with my GP to let her know what’s happening, and update her on my social care needs. This is useful as getting carers registered will have a financial benefit for you going forward when you come to apply for PIP or Carers Allowance or Packages of Care etc.,. So, it’s good to let your GP know how you are managing with travel, shopping, cooking, washing dressing etc.,. when you are unwell. From your current symptoms it sound like you might have the MS hug. Chat to your GP. Take care and rest. Fay

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hi sue

you are entitled to an ms nurse so phone your neuro’s secretary and ask.

the ms hug is horrible so sit tight and rest as much as possible.