Am i relapsing

Hi there im worrying as my legs started on sunday bein more painful than usual and really tight…since then it has gradually spread up my legs to now its my whole legs to my hips… my bones really hurt. My gp isnt much use has no idea when igo with ms related things. Ive only had 2 relapses at the beginning before diagnosis 6 years ago ive got to go to work today get kids to school duno how im guna manage. I may just have bin overdoimg things . Any advice welcomedthank you xx


Do you have an MS nurse that you could call and explain your new symptoms too? If you do i think that would be your best bet, if not go and speak to your GP and ask to see your neurologist. Can you ask family or friends to lend a hand with the children and the school run? Hope things improve for you soon, try and be as kind to yourself as you can. Laura x

Does your neuro unit run a relapse clinic? Sounds like you could be having one hon. My hospital has a weekly relapse clinic.Call the unit or your ms nurse.

Thank you, im booked in with gp tom morn so im goin to see wot happens and not goin in to work isnt it awful how u feel guilty about work even tho nothing u can do :frowning: x

Glad I’m not the only one… Unsure if I am experiencing a “relaps” new symptoms include sensitive teeth & migraine, that by midday is unbearable. One person mentioned a “Relaps clinic” will speak to my MS Nurse next appointment, but not until Jully. Anyone know if there is one in the Chelmsford/Braintree area??? :slight_smile: xx