Relapse or not - please help

Hi all, I have a query…my left leg has felt like its been going a little weaker since the beginning of December however I just thought it’d pass. However it hasn’t so I have requested to be referred to physio in the hope it’ll strengthen back up. However these last few days its felt really bad and my sensations I always have feel worse plus I have some new ones in my left foot and feel especially fatigued … Could it be that I am actually having a relapse? I only had one in September and before this one two years previous and before then six years. This in itself is worrying me as does this mean my m.s is progressing and also if its affecting my walking have I now got lesions on my spine? My last MRI about 18months ago showed very little progression so if this is the case why do I feel worse? This is particularly worrying me as we are trying for a baby too. Would steroids help or will it maybe improve without? Thanks in advance from one worried lady x x x

Just bumping it up, know this can annoy people but I’d just like some advice please x

Just bumping it up, know this can annoy people but I’d just like some advice please x


It could be a relapse I would contact your MS nurse (if you have one) to discuss further. If it is you would probably be able to go on meds as I think the rule is 2 episodes in two years. I have problems walking but have no lesions on my spine, well at my last MRI I didn’t so they don’t always go hand in hand. I can understand how worrying these things are so phone someone tomorrow even your local GP. Hopefully someone else on here will be able to give you better/more advice. I am sorry I can’t help you more. Take care and keep us posted on how you get on

Claire x

Hi, I am not as experienced as other folk here, but something similar happened to me last year. My legs started feeling heavy an i had some tingling in my foot. This lasted for a few weeks. So I went to see my consultant and they advised bed rest for about a week because they were worried it was either the start of a replapse or a minor one… I was given the option of going on steroids to try and nip it in the bud, but I declined, which was a good thing, because a few days later rapidly developed 3 different infections! Just unlucky. So, if I were you, but it’s ups to you and I would try and call your nurse… Get some proper rest for the next few days (no cheating and doing bits of housework, working from home etc, I mean feet up on the couch watching crap tv kind of rest) and if you think you might have any lingering infections, get yourself to the gp for some antibiotics! Hope you feel better soon J

Thanks Claire. Worries me as I really would like another child too and know meds are not an option if im trying but then I don’t want to get any worse as I have my wee boy to think about too! Oh to be free of this disease eh? I’m gonna ring m.s nurse tomorrow andsee the GP as the nurses often take a few days to ring back. I think I may need some steroids initially if its s relapse although I only had some in September. Thanks again x

Updating you…I’ve left a message for the m.s nurses and have been doing some physio exercises in the hope this may strengthen my left leg up. Really not sure whether once weak it can be strengthened up? Might be wishful thinking. I really hope it improves. Thanks for all you advice. I am conscious some symptoms are worse at the moment and it may be a relapse but ill wait I think till the m.s nurses ring. Cold weather can make me feel worse too. Pretty gutted that I cannot walk in heels at the moment too :frowning: x

I think the only way the doctors can tell if you’re having a relapse is if they put you on steroids and you get better they know you are. If you don’t see any improvement, then some of your nerves have died as a result of previous M.S. activity. That sounds pretty unlikely if you’re well enough to wear heels normally. If they give you steroids, it won’t change the end point of the attack (I mean you’ll still end up with same amount of weakness or whatever that the attack was destined to leave you with) but you’ll get to that end point quicker.