I’ve been having pain down my left leg and a bit in my back. It’s mostly when I move, standing up and siting/bending down hurt a lot!!! I don’t know if this is MS or something else. I haven’t hurt my back recently so I don’t think it’s that. Also what do I do if it is a relapse? I had optic neuritis before and steroids worked, do they work for pain? Should I speak to the MS nurse or go see the GP? I feel like I’m always in the GP for something or other. Also I already take tegretol for something else but which can work for neurological pain and I’ve been trying normal painkillers but nothing seems to be working. Has anyone else had something like this?

Thanks :slight_smile:

hi CL

why not cover all bases and phone your ms nurse and GP?

GP can investigate other possibilities whilst ms nurse can look at ms.

i feel like i really have had my money’s worth from the NHS and it sounds like you’re the same!

carole x

i get this when my sciatic nerve is inflamed,mine can last days,weeks or even months,doing exercises to strengthen your ‘core’ might help, but i find mine goes off just as quickly as it came on.

J x