hi everyone I put a post on a few days ago saying I had a sciatica like pain in my bottom this has gradually been getting worse to the point now of having bad lower back pain especially in the right side and to top it off I am struggling to get up my back just wont go I’m ok when I’m up or lying down but trying to stand up is taking 3 or 4 attempts usually holding onto something to pull myself up and I cant bend or I cant get back up is anyone else had this ??

I have had ms for 10 years and never experienced this before its awful I don’t know if its a relapse or if I’ve done something to my back ??


see your gp and get this investigated.

you really don’t need this on top of ms.

also phone your ms nurse to make sure.

good luck

carole x

GP has just left I have a trapped nerve & sciatica so Dr said its not a relapse to take painkillers and gabapentin hopefully it will ease soon !!