Could it be a relapse??


I have posted once before on the road to diagnosis and that was not plain sailing.

3 episodes of optic nuritus in left eye and 1 in right .  Inflammation on spine leading to completely numb legs. Seems quite simple but all the tests were very confusing.  Have had serveral MRI of head (not showing leisons) but a second opinion showed 2 faint ones.  2 devics blood tests both negative. MRI of spine showing inflammation now very patchy (leisons?) 2 lumbers one was positive csf and serum so was done again by the 2nd consultant who was asked to look at my case my the 1st. This then showed negative on both things ( i have read here this can not happen) and lots of blood tests for different things. So the 2nd opinion is its more inclined to be MS (RRMS) so now seeing the MS nurse this coming friday to chat about RMD's.

Well thats not really why I came on its because I have a very painful back (sometimes like someone is stabbiing me takes my breath away) well been to GP and asked could it be MS related as this is how the back started before but higher up.  He says no?? more likely to be muscle related and referred me for physio and sent me on with painkillers amd muscle relaxents.  Has anyone experienced lower back pain like this ?? please help !!

I have spoken to consultants sec and she said she will pass on the concern and mention to the ms nurse friday. 

Iam worried this is a relapse as i was doing quite well ......

thanks for reading replies most welcome


How very strange about the LP results. I can only assume that one of them is wrong (there is about a 5% error rate), but there is no way to know which unfortunately! I guess it doesn't really matter as the neuro is confident enough to diagnose MS and to start you on meds.


I get a lot of lower back pain (as a lot of my MS friends do), but mine is definitely skeletal rather than MS: a lot of MSers walk badly to compensate for poor balance, foot drop, etc so back problems seem to be pretty common. However, it's perfectly possible to get MS pain there too. The physio should hopefully be able to work out what's going on, but if you find that normal painkillers don't do any good for you in the meantime, please go back to the GP and ask for something different. On the whole, normal painkillers don't do much for neuropathic pain, so if your back pain is neuropathic, you will need a neuropathic painkiller (e.g. amitriptyline, pregabalin, gabapentin).


Is it a relapse? Sorry, but it's impossible to say - only time will tell. Let's hope not, and that the physio can sort you out.

Take it easy!

Karen x

Like Karen I also get back pain which I think is caused by the way I walk which is unbalanced and fairly bent over.

Hopefully physio will help and you will get some relief.

Take care,

Teresa xx