Hi All I am really after a bit of advice. I am very new to MS diagnosed end of July. I am wondering if my symptons have come back because of a busy couple of days or if I am having a relapse. I had a busy Saturday morning preparing food for a family get together but the afternoon was quieter as I could sit down and chat to everyone. Sunday wasnt too bad the normal chores. Monday and today I feel awful and very worn out my legs are really painful and I havent felt like this for ages. I am on Gabapentin which has been working but not for the last couple of days. Any advice would be really grateful as I feel so awful. Thanks all Karen x

Hi Karen,

I am totally with you there… I also feel totally drained and stiff ATM. I haven’t felt this crap for about a year and I am certain I am having a relapse. I know it’s difficult to decide whether ailments are a relapse or something else, but a general rule I have is that if it lasts for more than about a week and you have been checked for a virus etc, then it must be a relapse. I suppose it’s a wait & see jobby really.

You didn’t say how old you are as I suppose that would make a difference to fatigue levels too?