Hi all. Posted start of year regarding all my symptoms which came on and lasted for several weeks; numbness, weakness mainly left side but sometimes right, arms, feet and face worse affected. Pins and needles waking me up at night, intense pain shooting/stabbing in different places, confusion, speech issues, poor coordination, tingling sensations, electrical sensations, chronic fatigue etc. lasted for six weeks before clearing, saw neuro but symptoms had gone by the appointment, he said could be seizures, MS or residual from a brain haemmorage I had in 2007.

Ten days ago it all started again, first sign was loss of feeling right leg and each day symptoms slowly coming back, feel so tired, weakness is pretty bad and the pain I get is so bad it takes your breath away.

If this is MS what is the usual cycle of relapses, I think my symptoms are worse than last time

not back to neuro until Aug, still waiting on MRI

Hey Tagga, How are yer ? Reading your symptoms, I put a tick against all (apart from the waking up bit, but I have a three year old that doesn’t like bed, so when I’m out I’m out) That’s pretty much been me the last 25 years. A silver lining - I’m not on any meds (except citalopram (? Spelling) for mood swings) Not knowing sucks. Hope you get there. Take care of yourself. Andy

Hi Andy, thanks for your response. I hope to get answers as it is the not knowing why that is the most annoying! Difficult day at work today, foot doing this weird turning in when walking, jolting pains in hands and feet, confusion was really bad by mid afternoon and the odd word issue but got through the day! Was good to come home and see an appointment for MRI in early July, hopefully some answers soon. One thing I have noticed is that the syptoms come on worse with activity either mental or physical, is this usual? Saying that they do appear when resting so I am not sure if it’s relevant or not. Sorry to hear you are 25 years on with this, expect you have learnt to manage it as best you can. Good luck to you x

Thanks Tagga,

​How are yer?

Yeah, I’ve learnt to adapt. The 24 hour headaches are fun…

My foot doesn’t turn as such, though many peoples’ on here do, but I tend to drag my left leg a little, which is ok when I’m wearing boots, but not so fun barefoot when I’m kicking the doorstep etc.​ When at work I’ll just hide it…“Four faults” and the like…I find the symptoms do increase a little with activity. Stress at work brings on pressure and headaches, and I can’t do much running and stuff now. A kick around in the garden with my boys is about it. Guess I can put that professional footballer career to bed now.

Jolting pains in hands ? Yup. I love the feeling that someone’s fracking in my shin bone too.

I have problems with my knees, but I don’t know if this is symptoms, or years of playing football, when I used to throw myself all over the place (goalkeeper)…

Good luck for your MRI. Had my second one (first one in 1995) last year. Put this head brace thing on with a mirror in it so you can see the dude in the control room. So tempted to do a Darth Vader thing…

Take care of yourself,


LOL here Andy, did make me giggle. To be fair poss MS is least of my worries, have Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (faulty connective tissue) inherited gene fault so life of joint pain, dislocations, dodgey organs etc, then Brain Heamorrage in 2007 luckily survived, then found had BRCA 2 gene last year (cancer ovarian and breast risk high) so just had ovaries out and double maesectomy with reconstruction I may add, bit of MS like syptoms on and off since 2007, nothing in comparison LOL. Numb fingertips bit of an issue but don’t need the oven gloves LOL, onwards and upwards as they say… Will keep you posted and YOU take care of youself!!!

Hey Tagga. How are yer ? Remind me not to play Top Trumps with you ! And that is the reason I don’t complain ! Sorry to read the above. What a bugger of a decade. Know what you mean about oven clothes too. I took a metal tray out of the oven the other day and I took a good five seconds to register it was a tad warm ! The wife laughed anyway…I did too after a bit under the cold tap… Take care Andy

Hi Tagga

Sorry to hear of your problems…

I have been off and on for a year now with various symptoms, the Dr is so quick to dismiss most things its frightening, if there is no RED FLAG stuff going on they don’t want to know or just shrug their shoulders…

Finally got my neuro appointment in July … hopefully it can shed some light on whats happening… good luck