is there a General pattern for relapse?

Hi All. I posted a few weeks ago as I was suffering quite badly and got a referral for a neurologist. I have received a confirmation letter but waiting on an appointment. I genuinely feel better now not 100% as some things are still lingering but in comparison to a few weeks ago I’m not complaining. In my last post I stated I do not think I’m convinced I have ms although the fact I’m here means I do believe there is a very slight possibility. The ONLY reason I think this way is I had an mri years ago and then the after appointment with neurologist got cancelled at last minute and heard nothing so assumed it was clear and at the time I had a dismissive gp so just got on with my life. Anyway. . I was wondering if there is a General pattern of relapse. For my own piece of mind as I am actually starting to worry a bit now as it seems unreal how bad I got with my leg this last ‘episode’ and yet now it is pretty much normal again. It doesn’t make sense as I did nothing strenuous to cause it and also did nothing in particular to fix it. Not had it that bad since before I had my last mri which is what made me go then. I have however had smaller ‘episodes’ every year minus maybe one and they Always happen end of April/early May and last around 4/6 weeks. Also late august/september time. Those two times of year I definitely suffer. January is not normally a problem but it was this year (only minor) That has been my pattern which seems to be pretty much season changes but I have looked around and this does not seem to be typical of ms as what I have read it seems to be more random than that? Any thoughts?

And it’s back! I said to my son a week ago last Friday I’m starting to feel ‘funny’ so we need to do everything we can to stop it. gradually it got worse and yesterday I was hit with it. Today my leg is gone. Just fab!!!

When you say your leg has gone, what do you mean? Numb, weak, pain?? I think maybe a trip back to your GP is on the cards.

Started by just a slight feeling of tightness and now it’s like I’m wearing a really tight sock. Throbbing but not if you know what I mean. It feels funny to walk like I’m totally aware it’s there and forcing it to move with me. It’s pain but not ouchy pain. So hard to explain.

The trouble with MS is that we are all different, and so are our symptoms and relapses. There is a good chance that someone else has felt exactly like you - and may never even see your post. OR, there could be 10 people with exactly the same symptoms. All I can say is that with MS, you are never alone on this forum. Geoff