Relapses? Was it obvious?!

Hi, I wonder if you could clarify for me. I’m undiagnosed as yet but the talk about relapses… My symptoms have been a fairly constant thing? They aren’t there all day every day but I haven’t noticed any discernible periods where everything is better for ages and then everything worsens (some symptoms will be absent for ages but I can’t really remember that the last time they were present I had lots of other stuff going on or that every symptom went away for a while?!). Is it more common then to experience it in ‘spates’? I notice a lot of people talking about their initial symptoms phrasing it as if it was the first time they had experienced those issues, and yet to have had a diagnosis as I understand it there needs to have been more than one relapse. (I’m undiagnosed and very aware it could still be other things, just trying to get as much info as possible to prepare myself for the likelihood of being told its likely or unlikely!). This of you who have been diagnosed, were you able to pinpoint specific periods in your life when you had had a spate of symptoms? Or are relapses not that clear cut? But if they aren’t then how would a neurologist know how many you’ve had for their diagnostic criteria?! This is an area I find really confusing (which hopefully is because my experience isn’t MS!). Interested to hear your experiences!

Hello just noticed no one had replied so thought i’d say hi. I am too waiting diagnosis. My symptoms have come and then gone away and then when they came back (significantly worse) the journey of tests began to rule out stuff. My symptoms have been in relation to sensations/numbness etc, but I guess there have been lots of other things that I’ve put down to other stuff like being knackered! It depends what type of ms you have whether symptoms come or go i.e. whether you have remission in-between relapses of symptoms. Some symptoms can last a while. My current ones have been going on for 5 months but as i say I’ve not been diagnosed with anything yet other than myelitis pending further tests.