Leg numbness-ish?!

Hi there I’ve just popped in to see if anyone can help me please? I’m not a regular round these parts as I’m fortunate enough to have not experienced very much of my MS so far, touching wood!! I was diagnosed 2 years ago, and since them have had little sensory symptoms only and maybe a bit of fatigue (or is that 2 children?!) For the last few weeks I’ve been experiencing lower limb symptoms that are getting worse over time- starting with tingly feet to now moving towards being quite numb, feeling sort of like feet, ankles and knees are swollen and generally quite horrid!! So I’m wondering if I should speak to someone- ms nurse maybe? Or is it seen to be just one of those things and there’s nothing anyone can do about it? Is it a relapse? Oh and why do I always get my symptoms at this time of year?! Blimmin nuisance!! Thanks for reading and hoping people had good Saturday’s xxx

I reckon that a good rule is to get anything new checked out, so see a GP and/or phone an MS nurse. It does sound like it might be a relapse though, sorry.

If it is a relapse, then the only thing that they can offer you is steroids which can shorten how long the relapse lasts. They don’t work for everyone, but can be very effective for some people.

It’s good to have these things on your medical record though, so even if you don’t want steroids, it’s a good idea to see someone.

If it’s a relapse, I hope it’s a short one!

Karen x


I hope the symptoms ease off quickly for you.

I’d be really interested to know what you end up doing and if you end up taking steroids, as it matches the two MS events I had - semi numbness freezing cold/wet feeling feet, moving up the legs gradually until it stopped both times around my waist and then over the next few months gradually went back in the opposite direction.

Both of my events were early spring - don’t know if there’s anything to do with dark winter months and lack of vitamin D involved??

Best wishes,

Mr Sensible