Feet numbness

Hi everyone I’m new to this website was dx about 2 months ago after second bout of optic neuritis but over last two days I have got numbness on both the soles of my feet it’s more like I feel like I’m walking on pebbles has anyone else experienced this? Thanks Emma

Hi Emma Welcome to the forum - sorry to hear of your diagnosis. I was dx just after Easter & I’ve found I’ve had numbness on the sole of my left foot, but just a patch which comes & goes daily. It doesn’t bother me massively, but I’m seeing my neuro this afternoon & thought I’d mention it to him. I can let you know how I get on & if he has any comment about it. Jane xx

Hi Emma,

Yes, numbness is a common symptom of MS. I’ve had completely numb feet before (and couldn’t feel hot, or cold, or pain).

You may be having a relapse, and should get it on record it has happened - even though they may not want to treat you if it stays at the current level. The only treatment is steroids, and these are powerful drugs, with potentially serious side-effects, so you may not be offered them unless a relapse is quite major and disabling - probably not for numb feet only.

However, how frequently you are relapsing may influence whether you are offered DMDs - or a different DMD, if you’re on one already. So even if you’re not offered steroids (or don’t want them anyway), it would be good to let GP, MS nurse or neuro know this has happened, so it can go on your file.



Hi Emma

Yes, I get numb feet a lot. The first time it happened was during my biggest relapse. The numbness started with my feet and progressed to my waist, both sides. I was admitted to hospital for IV steroids as my legs seized up and I could barely walk. My feet could feel nothing; I couldn’t drive as I couldn’t feel the pedals in the car, couldn’t feel pin pricks etc.

I quite often get numb feet in hot weather especially if I have walked a long distance but it does wear off when I rest. I had a relapse earlier this year and both feet are numb more often at the moment and, oddly, you get quite used to it. There are degrees of numbness and as long as I can feel enough to drive I don’t worry too much. I did have steroids for this relapse because (a) my right leg had started to seize up, preventing me from walking and (b) I was worried that if I let it progress any further I wouldn;t be able to drive again if my feet became too numb.

If this is a new symptom for you and you don’t have a raised temperature then it may be a relapse. You could drop a urine sample in to your surgery to check for a UTI (I believe it is possible to have one without any symptoms initially). If that is clear then is is likely to be a relapse and you should get it logged on your medical records as such.

If it isn’t causing a problem to your mobility I would steer clear of the steroids as the side effects are not usually pleasant. I only have them for disabling relapses and not for sensory ones. They don’t alter the likely outcome of the recovery; they just speed it up. Of course it’s a personal choice and it depends on whether you are offered them.

Tracey x

Hey :slight_smile: I’ve been recently diagnosed too but when I was still waiting for my results I has numbness from the bottom of my ribs down to my toes. My gp put me on steroids without telling my the side effects. They did work and within two weeks the numbness and tingling was gone but the taste stays with you hehe. I hope everything goes well for you and i would definitely get it on record your relapsing. Hope this helps :slight_smile: Tasha x