Can't feel my feet properly

Hi everyone. Can anyone give me a little advice. For the last three weeks my feet have felt numb and made any movement uncomfortable. They feel like they are being squeezed really tightly. This is new to me. Will it get better? It’s really getting me down now. Linda x

sounds like a relapse since it has lasted 3 weeks, maybe just a sensory relapse.

your ms nurse may be able to suggest something for it.

like everything else it will probably become less severe but who knows?

feel better soon

carole x

Hi Linda,

I agree this sounds like a relapse. It was the main form taken by the relapse that led to my diagnosis.

It’s typically caused by a spinal cord lesion.

Mine did get better, but only after months, I’m afraid. In fact I think it was almost a year to recover as much as I was going to, although I did start having some gradual improvements much sooner.

There’s no way of knowing if yours will be the same or different, I’m afraid. It depends on the amount of damage, and your body’s ability to repair it. As somebody who had it months, I can tell you you do get used to it, oddly enough, although I remember being overjoyed when I started to feel things again - in particular that I was standing on wet carpet! It was nothing horrible, just some water I’d spilt. But I remember thinking: “This carpet’s wet. What’s more, I can tell it is!”

Wet carpet isn’t a usual, everyday cause for celebration, is it?

It needs reporting as a relapse, but I doubt you’ll be offered anything for it, as I don’t know of any drug that works for numbness, and I don’t think it’s that fashionable these days to give steroids for a non-disabling relapse.

However, if you are already on DMDs, it may affect the assessment of how well they’re working. If you’re not, it may open the door to them - although not all neuros think a sensory relapse is sufficiently significant, so even that may vary.



Hi Linda,

Sorry you are feeling rough at the mo. I had numb feet which was the start of a relapse for me. I could still walk but chose not to drive whilst it lasted-which for me was about 3-4 weeks. I did take a course of steroids which helped me-I know they don’t always work for everyone.

The feeling will go eventually and I have not suffered from this since(7 years ago) although I do get numb sensations in other areas.

Let your MS nurse know if you have one

All the best